Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bedtime Story PJ's for a Big Bottom

The Bedtime Story Pajamas by are so snappy! I love them, much smarter than the nasty things that are available in the shops. The only problem is they don't fit over my Little Ones double cloth nappy. I made her a pair 10 months back, the top is perfect but the bottoms are just too squeezy, so they get used on Holidays or out to parties when I put her in disposables.

Bedtime Story Pajamas 

So, I decided to make some Bedtime Story pajamas for a BIG bottom!

I cut out the 3T but traced the leg to the 12-18mnth length

I neaten the leg seams and crotch seam BEFORE sewing the inner leg

Press one seam open and up and then fold the other under and press

This will give you a good flat seam
Follow the pattern for placing legs together and pin in place.

Stitch this seam ONCE from top to back and then TWICE more between the notches.

Trim down to stitching between notches

Finish the trimmed seam with a wide but short stitch length zigzag.

The inside view

Now its time to attach the waistband. I do mine similar to the pattern but I reverse the sides sewn first so I get a neat top finish.

I pre-fold and iron my waistband BEFORE sewing the ends together.
(See the pattern for measurements)

Pin and sew waistband. Your fold lines should be still visible

Press you seam open taking care not to press out your fold lines
Pin the waistband to the INSIDE of the pants.
Right side of waistband to wrong side of pants.

Stitch these together and then press the seam and waistband up, taking care not to press out your fold lines.

Using the fold lines, press and pin in place.
The end of the ironing board is useful for this step.
Leave an opening for the elastic.

Topstitch leaving the opening for elastic

Thread elastic through the casing pinning the end to the pants so
it is not accidently pulled through. Round the end of the elastic
so that it threads easier

Pin elastic

Stitch securely 

The finished waistband

Now finish the leg bands following the same method.

The two leg bands 

Pin them to the inside of the pants

Trim the seam

When sewing small openings it can be easier to sew on the inside


The inside story!

Does my bum look big in this?


Now I need to finish the top!

Here Tis'


  1. She looks adorable in these - especially with the nice big nappies underneath! (I must get this pattern...)

  2. Do Spoony, its a ripper! (Aussie enough for you)?

  3. They are so pretty - gosh I would put her in them for regular dayware, not jammies -- just so pretty! (and well made)

  4. Ah, I remember those days -- though my daughter was so skinny, the big cloth diaper was the only thing keeping her pants up! Now at four, there's no diaper and I'm forever having to 'splice' sizes together to keep up with her super long legs. Thank goodness for home sewing.

  5. Adorable! I like to press in my hem lines first as well. Niblet's over-large bum makes us smile all the time, especially when she's run off only in her leggings!

  6. You have discovered my secret Jan! I make pretty pj's because, on occasions, she does wear them all day!

    Thats right Icicle, she has to wear bodysuits to hold her nappies up!

    It's good padding when they are learning to walk, Mel, Thankyou

  7. Ah - the big cloth nighttime tushie! We are all done with diapers and I'm glad, BUT I sort of miss the big huge bottom! So cute!

  8. It is cute Sandi, that nappy waddle!

  9. So awesome! I made the PJ set out of Amy Butler's Little Stitches book and you're right! The bottoms do NOT accomodate for a cloth diaper! Your idea of switching out the bum for 3T size but the legs being a smaller length... genius! I may have to try that! Very cool :-)

  10. Thankyou Cristin, I glad to be of use!
    Thanks for reading my blog.