Friday, January 28, 2011

Bubble Dress part four

Today children, we are sewing Bubble dresses

Our last step

Pressing bodice side seams
Open the bodice and press the side seam flat, pressing the seam allowance to the lining.

Sewing the side seams

Pin and sew the side seams matching the underarm seams carefully.

Pivot at underarm seam

The seam is at a slight angle, it can be helpful to stitch to the under arm seam, lift your sewing foot,turn slightly to finish the seam. Use your guide lines on your machine plate.

Press the seams open

Press the seam open, I press from one side,then the other.

The finished seam

Fold the bodice together, finger press,check and then iron the seam.

The bodice

Dot the dot!

Transfer your stitching lines from the pattern piece 2 to the back bodice. I poke a hole with my fabric pen and make dots along the curved line and then join the dots with tailors chalk. If you have a steady hand ,you could wing it and mark them by sight.

Chalking the line

The front bodice
 Do the same to the front bodice making sure that the lines meet at the shoulder seam.

Ready to stitch

A few pins will help keep the bodice together. Stitch the lines according to the pattern.

The stitching

Press the stitching.

Pressing the inside can be easier!

My way(again)

This next step is my adaptation, it involves topstitching on the outside when One finishes the garment. If you are making a Bubble dress for a special occasion and would rather avoid top stitching,miss this step and follow the pattern.
Fold up and press the seam allowance on the bodice, taking special care at the back placket.

Folding up the seam allowance

Anticipating a skirt.
Now we start the skirt!

To be continued....


  1. I had problems with the top-stitching on the "sleeve" with the last two I made....maybe I was being too fussy! I might try a different coloured thread. I am enjoying reading how you make yours.

  2. I think you can be too fussy with this step Millie!
    Thankyou, I am so sorry it is taking so long to blog...thanks for following it!