Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Night Feeds

I confess....I enjoy my night feeds.
Its quiet, the baby feeds properly as no one is running past with a cricket bat/netball/skipping rope/chainsaw, you get the picture.
I don't have to read a story, help with homework, give direction's how to make a curry or tell someone where his mobile is ....again.
I can watch her face, her sleepy eyes, smell her sweet , sweet hair and feel her tickle my skin with her tiny hand as she drifts back to sleep.


  1. Aw, so sweet, and I agree, as tiring as it is to wake at night, there's a nice intimacy about it. Recently my grandmother-in-law has come to stay with us and because of her age she sometimes doesn't 'get it' when I ask that she leave the baby in peace to nurse. And when a nursing baby is distracted, she bites!

  2. I agree!
    Mummies are for nourishment not nipping!
    They grow out of it , Thank Goodness!

  3. Oh me too, Nicole. Though I sometimes feel I'll be perpetually exhausted by this child, I do so love that time with her...when it's only she and I and no one else in the world can enter our space. Selfish, I know, but wonderfull too.

  4. No, not selfish, thats called a bond.

  5. Goodness- I LOVE that photo of your baby. If I had a photo like that of mine, it would be in a frame on my wall. I love her curls. :) Is she still waking in the middle of the night to eat? Is that the time of day you took this? My little one just started napping in her crib and going to bed earlier (as in yesterday) and while it is so nice to have a few moments without child, I already miss holding her as often as I did. And I was so teary and emotional yesterday. They grow up so fast... oh- and at 4.5 months- she is crawling.

    Rebecca (craftalittle)

  6. Thankyou Rebecca, your baby can not possibly be crawling!
    I remember the excitement of reading that she had been born. She obviously is chasing 'Helper'.
    Yes, my 'baby' is still feeding at night, I am sure she doesn't need it, but I really don't mind.
    It is still very natural to be bit emotional with a 4 month old, your hormones are not nearly back to normal! Enjoy the fact that you are obviously a wonderful, nurturing mother.
    Be proud!

  7. I am enjoying these kids. My husband is thinking we are done after 2 though, so it is harder for me to have stages end with her than it was for them to end with Little Helper. And I since Little Helper crawled at 5 mo, I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised that Baby E is crawling already!