Monday, February 14, 2011

Back to the Beach part 2

Sunday was Miss L's Birthday!

 We headed back into Robe for brunch at her favourite place to eat.
The Vic Street Cafe!

What every princess wears on her birthday!
A tiara(Oh,and a Oliver+s Swing Set in City Weekend)

Telling the lovely owner about all her gifts!

Now lunch is all about dessert,isn't it?


Checking out the latest DVD's

What is she thinking?


Now a fence like that is asking to be walked on!

oliver+s Swing Set made in City Weekend

After a very good lunch,we headed to the beach to walk off all that pizza.

oliver+s Ruffled Halter and Nature Walk pants

Same pattern as above-very different look!

We always head in early,so we had the beach to ourselves!

oliver+s Sketchbook shorts and shirt

The tide was coming in,but Son&Heir was determined to try some fishing!

The Birthday Girl required rescuing!

oliver+s Bubble Dress

Missy M was happiest keeping her distance......

Or safe in her Daddy's arms!

We mustn't let this wall feel left out!

Wilsons Art Gallery

The art gallery was open,but I wasn't feeling brave enough ........ five children in a ceramics display?
Look through the windows!

Fish on the brain!

This was Son&Heirs idea of art!

When we got back to the cafe it was very busy and the baby had had enough.
So Son took Miss L in to choose a treat,a Traffic Light jelly,which the lovely staff popped a candle in!

We had a wonderful time ....... ''The best birthday ever'' declared Miss L!

All the patterns for the children's clothes are available from oliver+s just click the name!

Thanks for reading


  1. Happy Birthday, Miss L!! Very, very cute. I also love the blue sweater that your youngest is wearing. Is that homemade (if so, where can I get that pattern?!)

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday Small One!

  3. Thankyou Susanne,I will pass your wishes on!
    The jacket is homemade,one of the last my mother will knit,I am sorry to say,her hands are just too arthritic now......
    I purchased the pattern from and it was called Momo? Or something similar,I would love some more. It can be worn open,knotted or pinned with a brooch. I believe it is a very very easy pattern-but I cannot knit!
    I will fish it out for you!

    Thankyou Sandi

    x N

  4. Thank you, I will poke around on! I'm only a beginning knitter, and would like to improve. This pattern looks really cute.

  5. Oh, happy birthday sweet girl! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! I cannot get over the empty beach! Perfect!!

  6. A belated happy birthday from me. Looks like they all had a great day, one to remember.

  7. Thanks Claire,I hope you are feeling better!