Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Morning Run.

No, not that kind of run. I get out of bed for coffee not jogging!
The first day of the first term of the year. Some of us very keen to go back to school,one of us ''okay'' about it,one of us not wanting to go and the last not wanting them to go(guess who)?

The Twin's rose very early and finished all their jobs(and quite a few of mine)!,so that I would give them different hairstyles.
I predicted,and was correct, they would have it pulled up in a Georgie(pony tail) by lunchtime as it was going to be 40 degrees+.
Last year they would have insisted on matching ribbons and bunches.

The two little girls were not too happy, one wanted to stay home, the other go with them!

Son was fairly relaxed, he usually is.

Goodness,it was hot!
Ten to eight in the morning and already the sun had some bite in it.

Its an easy 400 metre walk down the track to the bus stop, but the temperature is still so high at four o'clock,I have driven down to pick them up.

Dad came home to see them off,being the first day back.

The ''new'' bus looks proper flash!

The children informed me that the air con is already buggered.

I think the playground looks lonely....

The notice board in anticipation.....

and this is only the first day!

Tomorrow, we do it all again!

i don't want to...


  1. I love your notice board, it looks like a great way to keep everything organized. I wish I had a space in our house to do something similar!

  2. Sheesh, this made me tear up here at my desk! Poor, poor Small One (and you)! I always hated going to school...even through university! My sister is the calm, ready-to-get-with-my-friends one; still is, actually. LOVE the straight hair - but the curls are amazing too! Is this the first time they have wanted to be different?

    Wow, over 100 degrees (equivalent for us)! That's terrible. We had an awful hot time last summer. I'm hoping (praying!) for a cooler one this year. Stay cool and hydrated. Thinking of you!

  3. Poor kiddos in the bus with broken air-con, what a nuisance. Stay cool, little family!

  4. Its a great area Cindy, all their school gear is kept there out of their bedrooms.

    You are such a sweetie Mel, Thankyou for thinking of me!

    Thanks Sarvi,how cruel? Air conditioning available but not working!
    It is not the bus drivers fault, they make a pittance,its almost a community service!

  5. Love these pics, Nicole. Funny to see them in their uniforms instead of O+S. Do you sew the uniforms or do you get them from the school?

  6. Thankyou Sandi, I do make their uniforms. Sons shorts are Sketchbook and his top a Kwik Sew pattern.
    The twins dresses are a Vogue pattern but very shapeless and ugly! Little One is wearing a hand-me-down but I have 5 Jumprope dresses cut out for her. They will be much nicer.