Monday, February 28, 2011

Can You Get Camera-Sick?

I am really missing my camera ..... I have just made 5 Jumprope Dresses,and they would have been perfect to blog construction! Oh well,I am sure I will make more.

While my camera is on sabbatical,I have been using my mobile to take some short videos and posting them on Flickr.
I shot this one a few nights ago and my O+S OS friend Johanna kindly expressed a interest in how we came about to have them.
So Johanna,this ones for you!(I have ALWAYS wanted to say that)!

We have pets,we don't have a lot of up to the minute toys and games,but pets,once you have one,what's a few more?
Unfortunately,we have not had much luck with guinea pigs or rabbits. Jed strongly suspects the  mixy and caleasey(sp)? viruses that have been released to combat the feral rabbit problem.
We have had some dear little guinea pigs,a favourite was Aurora,who would sit up and beg prettily for a grape. Such a sweet creature was she,my mother offered to mind her when we went to the beach for a fortnight. Not only feeding her,but changing her paper AND giving her a daily brush and cuddle.
My siblings were convinced dementia had set in(my mother is quite elderly and does not like animals),but Aurora was so appealing,she softened the hardest heart.

Aurora the Guinea Pig

A very dear friend has Flop Ear rabbits. They are the cutest things,white and soft and fluffy.
Two years back,she asked whether the twins could have one each for a pet. Jed said 'No' and was adamant! No mice-no rabbits!
Well, the twins worked on him and in due course a cage was made and said bunnies were in situ.

Flopsy 1

All went well for 6 months or so and then we went out one morning to a cold,stiff little Mopsy. The girls were very upset,but on a farm animals frequently die,so they dealt with it quite well.
In this time we had had several Guinea pigs who did terribly well-and then dropped dead!
The animal graveyard was filling up and Jed was kept busy making crosses. We did have some creative funerals,including one when we were a bit presumptuous burying the loved one and the chocolate box did a little jump in the air.
But I digress ....
Finally Flopsy succumbed,being held through his final moments by his loving(and brave)owner.
''Thats it'' said Jed ''No more rabbits''.
We were vermin-free for about a month,when the same rabbit owning friend rang me in desperation,could I take two tiny bunnies,she had no room,they would be donged on the head.
You know,the usual emotional black mail spiel!
I told her if she could convince Jed,we could take them.
''Do they look like Flopsy and Mopsy''?I inquired. She replied that they were terribly cute and that she must dash to catch Jed on his mobile.
Husband came home that night with a box with several layers of tape wrapped around it. When I quizzed him about it,he replied that she was very worried they would get loose.
You can imagine,dear readers,his reaction when upon opening the box,to find not two little balls of white fluff but two straggly,very young feral rabbits!
I will not pollute your delicate ears with his comments verbatim,but he was straight on the phone to my friend who strangely was not available all evening.
Off course,it was love at first sight and Gracey and Elly are here to stay!
That was 12 months ago,Jed refuses to purchase rabbit food,they live on house hold scraps and appear to be disgustingly healthy.
And they are the friendliest rabbits we have owned!
(just don't mention that to Jed)


  1. Ha! Great story! And yes you can get camera sick especially when lovely sewing photos are involved.

  2. I have tears coming down my face laughing about the chocolate box! I can only imagine the "interesting" words upon finding the feral bunnies. Thanks for writing this down. I did finally find my camera charger- plugged into the sweeper by a "helpful" four year old.

  3. Thanks Jen.
    I have just had a email to inform me it will be another 2 weeks before it is ready!
    I am very cross as it is Missy M's birthday weekend at the beach!
    I shall have to make do with Son's little second hand one he uses to photograph sheep,but it smells really dodgey!

    Good Johanna,it is meant to be funny! Did we have to do some talking to get out of that one,I believe it was along the lines of ''Goodness,it is windy today''!
    I'm glad you found your charger,at least it wasn't down the lavvy,thats were my missing mobile turned up!
    Lets just say I only use speaker phone now!

  4. I just got a new phone, and the rules went something like this-
    No sticky fingers on the phone, no throwing the phone if it doesn't do what you wanted it to, no taking it near anything wet, and that includes the toilet, no making calls to China (really, just don't press buttons if you don't know what it will do), put it back where you found it, and no, you will never know the password on it to play "Angry Birds."

  5. We have pet rabbits too...but they're not feral! Way back when K was 4 she asked for a bunny and I told her that she could have one when she turned 8, assuming that by then she'd have forgotten all about it. Over those four years I heard not a peep about it until 2 weeks before her 8th bday, when she asked where the bunny was going to live! Daddy got busy making a rabbit hutch and on her bday we picked up Daisy from the breeder. Fast forward a couple of years and P is getting ready to turn 8. He comes to me and states that he wants a boy rabbit (this was the first I'd heard of him even wanting one!). Bob came to live with us that year and the kids got a little family life education after putting the girl & boy rabbits together after being told not too. It's been fun and the kids are way more responsible that I thought they'd be with taking care of their pets. I suppose when the next one turns 8 there will be another bunny in our future.

  6. What on earth was killing the rabbits and guinea pigs?! Those feral bunnies looked as sweet as can be. A keeps saying "need that" and pointing to the video. She tries to pet them too.

  7. Fantastic Cindy,by pure luck,we have not had babies from guinea pigs OR rabbits,we must have picked up the same sex by chance!
    Animals are a fantastic way to teach children responsibility,if any of our children go away for the night they organise a sibling to feed and clean their pet.
    I really don't know what was going on Mel,Miss E has saved up her house cleaning money and wants to buy another pair but I have doubts.
    A rabbit is a great pet,the more they are handled the friendlier they are!