Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I wished you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I know,it's late,forgive me?
The wermaids took a lot longer than expected but every little minute was worth it to see those twirling beauties.
The very next morning I received a delightful phone call from one of the mermaids Nana.
She rang to thank me for making the costumes and said it was impossible to purchase a dress up for her grand daughter due to her height.
One certainly doesn't volunteer for the thanks but it is lovely when you are!

I almost got all the Christmas sewing done.....(Elsa let me off the hook with hers,LOVE that girl)
I promised to have it done for the New Years Eve party we had been invited to.
oliver+s Tea Party dresses for two little sisters.
Hugo's Liberty shirt.
A seriously big bunny for Lidia.
A Little Things to Sew Dolly Carrier for Tildy.
And a new Tea Party dress for her dolly.
Zara chose a very snappy little shift dress.
This was all sewn up in the three days before Christmas and still have another Tea Party dress and a pair of Sketchbook shorts to do.
I have since started Elsa's Music Class tunic,Thank you Elsa darling for your patience. x

The gifts were well received....

My present
Thank you Darling!

On the day it self we travelled to my dear cousins where we were completely spoilt.
Upon arrival the children were whipped off to open presents and then taken to the park for a leg stretch.

I barely wiped a face or cut up food into child size pieces all day.
My darling aunt and cousin did it all!
It was bliss!

Poor Liddy wasn't well on the way home which we put down to overindulgence but unfortunately it was the start of a horrid virus which one by one we all succumbed to.

So,no New Years bash for us.
But thats okay,we were together and we are on the mend.

Thank you all for a year of sharing and caring.
Your warm words and comments mean the world to me.

In the words of Jeff Fenech.....
     I loves ya all!
x N

May your year be full of love,laughter and TimTams!
Lidia,Elsa,Zara,Matilda and Hugo.


  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas, Nicole! Glad that everyone is on the mend.:)

  2. Thank you Cindy!
    And thank you for all your friendship and support through out the past year.
    My life is better for knowing you.
    x N

  3. Lovely Christmas post! I especially like the photo of Matilda holding her doll dress, her expression is like, "I know I'm a peanut Mommy, but how am I supposed to fit in this?"

    We all had the bug Christmas week but luckily everyone was better for the holiday. I guess it really is going around if that nasty virus made all the way down under.

    Wishing you and your lovely family a Happy New Year! And looking forward to seeing the lovely things you'll be making in 2012 (and your sweet family modeling them of course).

  4. Happy New Year my dear! It looks like a lovely Christmas, and I am glad you are all on the mend. I am looking forward to another year of knowing you and your family. Thanks for your friendship! M x

  5. Thank you Jenn.
    I am sorry to hear you have not been well either. It was actually good timing as Jed had finished harvest and we took turns with sick-chicks.
    Wishing you a safe and heathy New Year to you and your little cubs.

    It was a lovely Christmas,one of the nicest I have had for years.

    It has been a pleasure sharing stories with you Millie and watching your little ones grow,seeing the beautiful things you create and witnessing your amazing renovations.
    Thank you also for your friendship and support.

    x N

  6. A very happy new year to you and yours Nicole - thank you for sharing your life with us and for being such a good friend!

  7. Thank you Justine.
    I have so glad to have 'met' you and hope we meet in person one day soon.
    Happy New Year and chat soon?

    x N

  8. This makes me want to have 4 more kids ;o)
    It's been a fun year, here's to 2012!

  9. Off you go Colette,2 sets of twins and you will be done!
    Maybe 2012 could be a baby year for both of us?

    Thanks again so very much for helping me track down the Capel for Hugo,you are a brick!

    xx N

  10. Ooooh - love the last pic! What a score!

  11. It was Sandi,Tim Tam slam to the max!
    x N

  12. Oh, oh, I love your husband's present to you! Just about the best! Give him a pat on the back from all us sewing ladies out here in cyberland.

  13. Could there be a better gift? I haven't pre-washed it yet,its sitting on my dresser so that I can stroke it when I walk past.

    Thank you for popping by....
    x N