Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sound of Silence

When we last went to Adelaide for the children's dentist appointments......

We discovered a treasure.

This paradise in the middle of hot,dry parklands is the Himeji gardens,the gardens of imagination. It was established in the mid 80's to commemorate the City of Himjei,Tokyo and Adelaide becoming sister cities.
In the middle of the garden was a huge pond with beautiful water features.
I though the fish were Koi carp but Hugo was adamant they were just large gold fish. He declared Koi too valuable and said they would be stolen.
Does any one recognise them to settle a debate?
There were some lovely places to sit and reflect.
Little places to stand and observe the fish.
Elsa loved the fish.

She really loved the fish!
As one took the meandering paths the temperature drop was amazing and very appreciated.
We stayed for an hour.
I think we were all in a little awe,
That this tranquil garden,
Was in the city,
And within strolling distance of our dentist.
What a good reason to have regular check ups.

x N
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  1. Wow! What a delightful oasis in the middle of a city.
    (I think the fish are just goldfish too.)

  2. Such lovely pictures of your crew! The garden looks like such a nice oasis in the middle of the city.

  3. Oh my! What a fantastic place..I'll bet that it will make trips to the dentist more exciting...heck, I'd stop putting off going to the dentist if this was beside his surgery!
    You all look so lovely and relaxed!

  4. Really beautiful- the garden and your family! I think the fish are goldfish. We have a pond in our park and the goldfish look just like the ones in your pictures. I know for sure the fish in our pond are not Koi! Hugo is right- if they were Koi- they would be stolen!

  5. What a beautiful garden Nicole!

    I'm going with goldfish too - our nursery has Koi in their pond, and they're bigger and have more of a colour variation

    Btw - I LOVE L's tea party dress - I really should make more of these.....

  6. Thank you Deb,I will tell Hugo he is right,he usually is!

    Cindy,it was unbelievable!
    I did a little video for my mother. It was very quiet and there are signs encouraging silence.

    Often I wait in the car Millie as I am extremely phobic,Jed does the dentist run.
    Now I can wander through the garden.

    Thank you Sarah,Jed and I try to make 'family moments'' as much as possible before the biggies don't want to come along.
    Hugo will be so pleased he is right!

    Such a find Justine!
    Hugo wins-goldfish it is!

    Thank you,Lidia LOVES that dress,I think it is a bit short but she has begged for one more this summer.

    x N