Sunday, January 22, 2012

Me and Thee by the Sea

We are not the best swimmers but we love the beach.

What we wear on the way to the beach.
Perfect for browsing op shops and afternoon tea on the way.
However,once at the beach wet suits are the outfit de jour!
The fab four snorkelled every day.
Out quite deep to start with.
But after a scare from a really big sting ray AND a warning from the locals about the huge increase of sharks numbers...much closer to shore.
I love watching Hugo,Elsa and Zara swim together. Without realising it,they swum together with striking synchronicity.
Seeing them turn and dive together reminded me of my ultrasound videos.
Lidia practised her floating,
When I queried what she was thinking off she answered 'Food''.
Thats my girl!
Tilly enjoyed her ''wimming'' but she got cold very quickly.
Do they make wet suits her size?

Holidays are never long enough.
We hope we can come back soon.
x N
Clothes by oliver+s patterns


  1. oh what great photos! This looks like a wonderful time! Here with us it's just wet and cold, sometimes snow-rain times - because you see pictures after this.


  2. Looks like a fun time, Nicole!

  3. great vacation photos - looks like a beautiful spot!

  4. Thank you Ute,it is so hot at the moment.
    I would love to see snow,I never have.

    Thank you Cindy,it was and at least 9 degrees cooler then the farm!

    It is not a classic beach destination,too much seaweed for fussy bathers,but it so quiet!
    Often we have the beach to our selves,Susanne.

    x N

  5. A lovely end of hol break - are your kids back at school this week or next week?

  6. OMG, you have never seen snow!! Well that settles it, you have to come to Canada for a vacation :-) Mind you, we don't have all that much here at the moment, just a little.

  7. We are on our last week Justine but this weekend is a stinker,so we thought we might nip back up for a few days.

    I would love to go to Canada.
    Elsa's godmother lives there and she says Canadians are gorgeous people.
    You would always have beds in Australia,Susanne.
    x N

  8. Such a lovely post Nicole! I love reading about your trips to the beach. I am envious of you having your own beach place. I would love one too, but I know we would have trouble getting away to it often enough. Your photos are wonderful...thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you Millie.

    It is very basic but we love it and we definitely do not get there enough. However,we probably would not take holidays at all if we didn't have it.
    Did you see my blog about our Victorian holiday? No? That would be because the tractor season ran late and we didn't go!
    He he.x N