Friday, March 8, 2013

Getting all Continental.....

It was my turn!
And I was naughty and made extra garments,but sometimes you have to be a little bit norty.
I went with the Lisette Continental pattern and made all three pieces.
with double length self belt
I made the dress in a size 14 and I am very pleased with the fit.
The fabric I chose was a fine voile from Spotlight sent to me by the lovely Justine.
When I cut it out it felt a wee bit flimsy and I was concerned it may cling,so,as I had the yardage,I decided to self line the dress.
with my leather cinch belt
Of course my mind then went to making the dress reversible.
I decided to use some of my scraps of my precious speckled voile to make binding and another tie.
 As I wanted it just spotty one way I attached the binding completely on one side.
The only place that was bit tricky was the front were the gathering sat and there I used a tip from my 'wish she was my mum' friend Deb. She recommended using three rows of gathering thread when really firm gathers were required (think Village Frock).
It worked really well!
I wore it manning the cake stall at Sports Day and was told I looked as fresh as a daisy.
(Okay,the old boy was at least 70 but I will take it)
Continuing my speckled love......
I made the top in a size 14. I love it a little bigger in the voile but I will definitely make the 12 next time. It was a little big all over.
The skirt I will have to size back. I wore it today and by the end of my grocery shopping I was having to hitch it up. 
I think it will be fine over a shirt as the velvet ribbon waist stay will grip a little.
I am pleased.
Very pleased.
Selfish sewing is fun!
Special thanks to Lidia for taking the photos.

xx N


  1. I love all three of these pieces - yay for selfish sewing!

  2. I went with the sash and I am glad I did Justine. I would still like to see yours on you with a tie.
    Thank you for the voile.
    xxxx N

  3. Love, love, love it all!! The colors look so wonderful on you.

  4. Thank you Sharon,after 16 years of black and white maternity clothes it is nice to have some colour (and some new clothes)
    xx N

  5. Well,sometimes you have to be.....
    xx N

  6. I do so love all 3 pieces, Nicole!

  7. Thank you Cindy,you should make it for Summer!
    xx N

  8. You do look fresh as a daisy, Nicole! It's the objective truth! :-) I love all of these pieces. So fresh and wearable.

  9. Thank you Inder,I felt really nice on a stinking hot day!
    xx N