Friday, March 1, 2013

Sophisticated Sketchbook

It was really Jed's turn.....
But the overlocker was threaded to dark
And its a bitch to swop over.....
So Zara went next!
And this was her directive.
To be made in hanky linen(thanks Marysmum)!
Oliver+s Sketchbook shirt
And this is what I delivered.
The button tab was super easy and I thought I would show you how I did it.
I cut a rectangle and folded and pressed all the raw edges in.
Then I topstitched all the way around.
I pinned the strip to the wrong of the sleeve and stitched it in place
This is where I sewed the button when it was finished.
And there you have it.
Zara insisted on self cover buttons which I though would look too Nana,I was wrong,she was right!

Show you some modelled shots soon!
xx N

PS I snuck a skirt in for me too.
Lisette Continental skirt


  1. Love the shirt and glad you snuck in your skirt before you changed the threads!

  2. Thank you Justine!
    (The skirt took maybe an hour? Less time then swopping threads)!
    xx N

  3. Love the shirt! What kind of fabric did you use?

  4. Whoops! Its hanky linen!
    Thats why I usually don't do quick posts.
    Thank you.
    xx N

  5. Girl! Can I come to your house for lessons, or just to watch? My goodness, you are amazing! Where did you learn all this? I sew almost every day, but what an amateur next to you. You really are talented.

    1. Awww,are you the sweetest thing!
      Thank you
      xx N

  6. He he he,I was wondering why I was making it for her.....
    xx N

  7. Thanks for showing how to do the button tab, I will have to try that next fall. And yay for selfish sewing;)

  8. Thank you Brittney,pretty obvious I know but I thought I may as well take a few piccies!
    xx N

  9. It's a sophisticated shirt for a sophisticated young lady. Very nice!