Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hide and Seek Dress- A Tutorial- Part 2

On with the show!
Pre-neaten the shoulder seams of the side front and back panels.
Pin a front panel to a back at the shoulder seam.
Press the seam open.
Press again from the right side.
Pin the pocket welt to the side of the front skirt.
It will sit between the two dots marked on the pattern (I notched these)
Sew the welts in place.
Pin a pocket bag over the welt matching dots (notches) right side to right side.
You will be sewing between the dots (notches) ONLY.
Sew in place with a narrow seam.
Neaten between the dots ONLY.
I find a zigzag works well.
Press the pocket bag away from the dress.
Iron squares of interfacing at the marked dots.
This will stabilise the pockets.
Attach the other pocket bag as you did to the dress.
Sewing and neatening between the notches.
Press the pocket bags away from the panel.
Pin the side panel to the dress.
This is a big seam to sew.
Match all the notches and shoulder seams.
I like to draw in my stitching line around the pocket bag.
Stitch carefully and accurately.
Pencilling the stitch line in save quite a few fairies!
sketch photographed from my PDF pattern instruction sheet.
Sew the seam in one action.
Use lots of pins and take your time.

Clip into the marked dot at the pocket bags pivot points.
Be careful not to snip through.
Neaten the edges.
The clipped pocket pivot points will allow it to open out a little and make it easier to neaten.
Press the pocket to the skirt panel and the other seams towards the side panel.
The clipping at the pocket pivot point will allow this.
Top stitch the seam in place, catching the edges of the welt.
Consider marking the stitching line with chalk.
Press well.
Pretty peekaboo.
Nearly there!
xx N

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