Monday, April 7, 2014

Hide and Seek Dress- A Tutorial Part 3

Last post, I promise!
Lets finish up our dress 
Prepare the sleeves.
Gather between the notches with two rows of gathering thread.
The next bit is a detour from the pattern instructions, I wanted some length for Autumn.
Measure and mark a stitching guide line to apply ribbon.
Topstitch the ribbon in place using the pencil line as a guide.
Pin the sleeve to the dress, right sides together, matching notches.
Pinning like this makes it easier to ease the sleeve whilst sewing.

Sew, press, trim, neaten and press again.
Press the seam towards the sleeve.
Take your time here and press well. Let the sleeve cool before continuing.
I like to topstitch the seam.
Press again.
Pin the side seams matching notches and the underarm seams.
Sew the side seam and press well.
Clip the curves and the under arm seam.
This will help create ease and movement when being worn.
Neaten the seam.
The notches will be finished as you do so but still have movement. 
Turn the dress to the right side and finger press the side seams and then press with the iron.
Flat and then to the back.
I topstitched the side seam to match the other vertical seams.
I actually stitched a little way in to the sleeve seam. Just to help it sit nicely.
Fold and press one side of the cuff back 4/8ths.
Sew the short edges together unfolding the pressed edge.
Press the seam open.
Turn the cuff to the right side out making sure the turned and pressed edge is on the inside.
Pin the unfolded right side edge of the cuff to the wrong side of the  dress.
It can be easier to pin and stitch on the inside.

Sew and press the seam.
Pull the cuff through, wrap around and pin just covering the seam allowance.
Measure the cuff to make sure it is even.
Turn the dress to the inside to stitch this.
Press the finished cuff.
Stitch a narrow hem guide around the bottom of the dress.
Press it towards the dress.
Turn the hem up again, deeper then the first turn, and press and pin in place.
Use a ruler to check your hem is even.
If you wish to add a ribbon band mark and chalk a stitch guide line.
Pin the ribbon at the beginning and then slowly sew it in place using the chalk line as a stitching guide line.
When you reach the beginning again, fold the edge of the ribbon under and topstitch in place.
Then stitch the other edge of the ribbon.
And there we have it!
The Hide-and-Seek dress.
Perfect to add details to.
Perfect for that special piece of fabric.
Just Perfect.

xx N


  1. She looks like a princess!! Beautiful job. I admire your sewing so much.

    1. Aww, thank you Greta. What a lovely thing to say.
      I really appreciate it.
      xx N

  2. was just going through your tute again getting ready to make this for my little one. I just noticed the embroidery - love that with the ribbon and trim! So lovely on your beautiful daughter

  3. Thank you Michelle for your lovely comment, you have made my day!
    I hope you enjoy sewing this, I know I did.

    xx N