Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Final 2+2 ........(for now anyway)


Miss Z's 2+2 skirt.....think glamour,sophistication,suitability for a 11(nearly 12)year old.

Velvet trim-well what else?
oliver+S-all bases covered.

We went with the top-half of the pleats stitched down and the bottom half left unpressed.

After cutting out your pattern,consider notching the top AND the bottom of your skirt piece.
It makes it far easier to line up the pleats and the notches will be hidden in the hemming.

Notches top and bottom.

Miss Z requested a velvet ribbon hem but we did not have quite enough....
So we decided to trim the front waistband with the piece we had and used the scrap as a button loop.

A black satin button finished the look.

To add a little lift,I topstitched the pleats horizontally.
It was very simple and we both liked the result!

The finished skirt...

Pattern pressed and folded and popped away.
Now,whats next?


  1. It's so beautiful!! I am so inspired by all the lovely outfits you sew!

  2. I love this, Nicole! Especially the horizontal stitching across the pleats!

  3. This is so cute! I really love reading your blog. I am amazed at how much sewing you are able to accomplish with 5 children! You are really an inspiration to me.

  4. Nicole - this is stunning! Love, love, love!

  5. Gorgeous. You are always so clever! I love the horizontal stitching and the velvet trim - very sophisticated.

  6. Thank you Sharon,that is very sweet of you!

    Thank you Sandi,I do like a good topstitch!

    Wow Karen,that is seriously kind of you! I guess we all try to find time to do the things we love and it spurs me on to finish my jobs!
    Thank you for your lovely comment!

    Thank you Justine!

    But not too sophisticated Susanne? The stitching was very easy to do and makes sure the pleats stay in place!

    Thank you
    xxx N

  7. I love the velvet ribbon and the topstitching! Lovely details!