Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey There Hoopla.....

The circus is in town.

Today Missy L's class put on a circus extravaganza!

The school hall was decorated

The roadies were ready for set changes

The Ring Mistress with the Mostest!

Have you seen the acrobats?

I hoped she could see where she was going...
This is harder then it looks....

Nearly there...
Thats more like it!
Twirling and Skipping
This is easier!


I'm fine!

Hooray for the acrobats!

Have you seen the clown?

Hoopla hoopla the circus is in town!

The STAR of our circus!


Missy L's Teacher
What a legend!

The children even made popcorn and decorated the holders.

The circus was the result of a terms work. Incorporating all the children's subject's. It was fabulous and no wonder this marvellous young teacher has just won an award.

Thanks for reading-We hope you enjoyed the show!
x N  


  1. Aren't school productions just the best?!? It looks like Miss L had a marvelous time and what a great teacher!!!

  2. She looks so different (but still so beautiful!) without her glasses. Is she trying contacts? It looks like a blast! Love Miss M's hat!

  3. Thank you Mandy,she did have a great time as did we!
    We have been very lucky with our lovely teacher.

    No contacts Mel,she decided not to wear her glasses in case she broke them.
    Thank you,it was a blast!
    x N

  4. What an amazing show that must have been; it sounds like a lot of work was put into it. Missy L looks so pretty with her squiggles and swirls and her sparkly bow tie! Such eyes!

  5. They put in so much work Susanne,on the day and leading up to it. All term Missy L has ben telling me stories of counting,measuring,writing and more all based around the circus theme.
    A very clever teacher!

  6. What fun! Just how school and learning should be!

  7. that is such a great way to incorporate fun into learning. I am glad that she won and award- teachers should be recognized when they do such awesome things. It looks like so much fun!

  8. I thought you would appreciate this Justine,Missy L's teacher is brilliant and she has some real handfuls in that class!
    I couldn't teach R/1.

    I agree Rebecca,and I hope she is still there when Missy M goes through!

    Thank you x N

  9. So wonderful to see a teacher with that creativity and dedication, what a great idea for a show and to get all the class involved. I love Miss L's concentration in the balance pics.

  10. Thanks Angela,we are very lucky to have her.
    x N