Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Good Weekend but No Fabric!

Last weekend my lovely Jed took me to Burra for a clothing/fabric sale.......unfortunately,there was no fabric.
But we made the best of it!

Burra is beautiful old town well worth a look.

It is an agricultural area but its history is steeped in mining.

If you stay a few days,it is worth touring the heritage trail that takes you through the sights including the gaol where 'Breaker Morant' was filmed.

We had a look in our favourite antique/book shop.
Miss Z was intrigued with this old chair.

I am fairly sure you are NOT supposed to place your children on antiques!

I loved this!

And this.

Son and Friend.

Do I have enough money Daddy?

The Aussie 'bronzed baby'' contrasts with my ''English Rose''

The owner let us look downstairs in the dirt cellar,a huge expanse,scary and fascinating!

A trip to Burra could not be complete without feeding the ducks!

Feeding ducks Red Rooster?
Perverse children,where do they get it from?
Oh,I guess their mother!

We HAD to go to the old fashioned sweet shop!

The children's sweeties!

And mine!

Heading to Adelaide

Some unrecognisable sign's.

And one very familiar one!

Thanks for reading.
 xx N


  1. Such beautiful children you have!

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time! I really love Miss E's pink coat (I think that's Miss E :-). Sorry about the shoddy treatment at the fabric store, I'd be grumbling for sure! Bad business practice.

  3. Looks like fun! I love that a sign that says "Brekky" is "familiar"! 'Round here, we only say "brekky" when we're pretending to be Australian! And until now, I didn't know how it was spelled! :-)

  4. Thank you Sarah!

    We did have a great day Susanne,but I was nearly in tears when they told us to 'come back tomorrow' for the fabric-all that way!
    It is Miss E,well done,her coat is wool/cashmere,I didn't make it but I have a pattern very similar if you need one?

    Thanks Inder,it was fun.
    You chaps have 'Burger King' don't you? The food is terrible,but they have really nice cheap coffee.
    The children love the novelty of the drive through and how fast they get their food.

    x N

  5. Oh yes, we have Burger King. And they probably do breakfast at 6 a.m.! Just not brekky. So exotic! Hee hee.

  6. How funny!
    Particularly as Jed won't let the children say 'brekky' they must say 'breakfast',We thought it an American term!
    I cannot wait to tell him when he gets home.
    I was reading your blog when your comment came through,I agree,the latter series of All Creatures Great and Small were not as good,the new Helen was all wrong!
    Have you read the books?

  7. Yes, my husband and I actually listened to them all on audio on various long drives, narrated by Christopher Timothy (the actor who plays James)! Wonderful. :-)

  8. Read by James!!!!
    Oh I must track that down for Son&Heir. He love to listen to audio books while he studies.
    Thank you for the tip!!!!

  9. I just knew when I saw the jar of sweets that Jed would be next!!

    Love the pictures, especially of S&H posing with arms behind head!

  10. I think you got the best of the sweets, Nicole!

  11. So glad to see smiling faces on a not so successful trip

    Great pic of Jed!

    I love E's coat too

    Try Book Dep for the audio CDs - I'm certain they'll have them (I loved watching All Creatures Great and Small - mum used to let me stay up to watch them!)

  12. Absolutely Sandi!

    Thanks Justine,I was so upset but what can you do?
    Thanks for the tip about the CD's,at the moment he is listening to free downloads from the Libra group. Sherlock Holmes at the present.

    x N