Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Serendipitous Starling

Why serendipitous?
Well,I was planning on making the Sandpiper top and pants next.
Then I looked at the calendar and realised the Twins First Communion was coming up and I had three white dresses to make(one for a friends daughter).
Little friend Maddie had chosen a very simple Burda dress(bless her).
Miss Z would like a Seashore dress in silk taffeta.
Miss E still hadn't made up her mind......

Brainstorming today she brought me a picture of a Mary Quant style dress,simple lines,beautifully cut-lovely!
'Goodness' I thought  'The Starling dress'!

So,I now get to make the dress sooner rather then later and it is exactly what she would like!

So,on to my second Clever Charlotte pattern.
I hope I enjoy it as much as the last.....

We found some sweet vintage broderie I had purchased on Ebay. Miss E was terribly keen to have pink ruffles and luck would have it I had a small piece of sugary pink broderie that was just the job!
The fabric fairies must have heard her!

Her measurements put her nicely in the size 8 but I added 1 1/2 inches to the hem-just in case!

There is a clearly stated errata on the back pattern piece,very simple to change.

The dress and shirt are finished with a bias hem strip,this is not included on the pattern sheet,you cut that to the given specifications.
I have some hemming tape in my stash so I will use that,the broderie fabric is rather bumpy so I think the smooth bias will work better in this case.

I was pleasantly pleased to see the dress front ruffle is actually little peplum pieces-not two gathered strips.

I have sewn these before and they give an elegant flounce rather than a standard gather.

Dress cut out and ready to sew!
(I can't wait)!
x N


  1. This is going to be stunning!! Can't wait to see!

  2. Gorgeous fabric, Nicole! Should look stunning on Miss E.

  3. Oh, I love that the ruffles aren't gathered - is it done yet? how 'bout now? now? You're going to make me buy this pattern, aren't you!??!

  4. Think she will, Sandi! And me too!

  5. How exciting! I can't wait to see it finished! I reckon you are going to make us all buy these patterns...not just Sandi!

  6. Thank you Mel,girly but sophisticated(I hope)!

    It is gorgeous fabric Susanne,thank you. I have no idea how old it is,it was so narrow!

    I must admit I like a challenge Sandi,he he,it was a coincidence. I really like the 'flounces' on the front though.

    I think this would look so cute on Missy L AND Miss R,Justine.
    Again,I think it would look snappy in soft denim!

    Thanks Millie,I was hoping I would enjoy this as much as the Wren dress...and I think I will!

    Thank you
    x N

  7. Oh my gosh - yes to the soft denim!!

  8. If you check out your thrift shops Sandi for a size xxl denim dress,there would probably be enough in the skirt!

  9. This will be stunning! I just noticed the flounces needed to be cut 12 times ... I can't wait to see how you put them together.