Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wren Wonderment Part Two

Tonight Dear Listeners,we put in our zipper.....

Charlotte has given you very clever instructions but here are a few photos to help you on your way.....(okay,a lot of photo's)!

Interface as shown on the pattern.

I then chose to neaten the back edges.

Rolling your invisible zipper press it flat. Now do not zip it again until completed.

Place the right side of the zip on the right side of the fabric. Follow your pattern and markings.

I do not normally baste.....but baste here,it will save so much time and be far more accurate! Go on,it won't take long and Charlotte agrees with me!

The stitched in zipper.

Before attaching the other side I marked the zip and fabric for guidance.

Repeat,basting and sewing the right side of the zipper to the right side of the fabric.

It will look like this!

And from the right side.

My zipper was too long so I followed Charlottes Clever instructions to shorten it!

Following the instructions,pin your right sides together below your zipper and matching your zipper stitching sew together.

I left my basting in to guide me from where to start.

I used my zipper foot,but you can start with it and then switch to normal if you prefer!

Charlotte warned me there may be a gap......and there was,but nothing a little hand sewing couldn't fix.

Now you see it....

Now you don't!

Done,zipper in,easy peasy!

Neaten the top edge,which is facing edge.

Fold the facing along the neck fold line,I pinned my seams together.

Now we are ready to do the pleats.....
Nighty night.
x N


  1. AHH! I want to see the finished product! You're such a tease! And tell Miss Z she'd better smile!

  2. I was soooo tempted to pop in a finished shot but it needs basting removed and I promised Miss Z!
    I am completely in love with this dress and so are the Twins,the size 8 is perfect to almost too big so they should get another year from the patterns!
    Miss Z has already dug out some de-lustered heavy coral satin (!!!!!)for her birthday dress.
    Thanks Johanna,how is your dress coming along?

  3. I'm just catching up, and I can't wait to see it, it will be worth the build-up (almost!! ;-). It sounds like the patterns have good instructions, which is great to hear.

  4. Ooooh! I have been waiting to see what you thought of these and now I find we're getting so much more than just a quick review. Yay! Everything looks gorgeous so far..

  5. When I first saw the instruction sheet(one page)I will admit I was a little just didn't look enough writing!
    However,the instructions are clear and to the point,just not overly 'wordy'
    I hope every one likes it as much as I do!
    Thanks Angela.

    He he,I don't do anything quickly Melissa!
    I am glad you like it,I reversed the fabric,the flowers were originally vertical stripes,but I like this better!

    x N

  6. Waiting oh-so-eagerly for the big reveal...

  7. Thank you Catherine!
    I hope I don't disappoint....

    x N

  8. BLESS YOU for this -- I have been reading invisible zip instructions for the last three hours -- whatever possessed me not to look here first, I don't have a clue. Why doesn't everybody explain it this way?

  9. Thank you!
    What a lovely thing to say.
    xx N