Wednesday, January 1, 2014


SBCC blouse
I finally nabbed Elsa between games of pingpong to do some modelling for me.
Its possible her sudden availability may have had something to do with the fact I don't hand over the new sewing until it has been photographed.
And Elsa really really wanted this top.
And dodgy underarm seams don't bother her a jot!
While she didn't have a bat in her hand I got her to try on the Oliver+S Playtime dress.
She really liked it and it looked super cute.
But it was waaaay to tight across her shoulders.
The neck line was also a wee bit high for her.
Both Twins liked the firm look and suggested I try it in a very stretchy knit. That with a narrower seam allowance would give that extra bit of ease.

I will get my niece to try it on, if it fits, I have her birthday present ready-to-go.

Thanks for dropping by.

xx N


  1. The top is lovely, I would love this pattern for myself if I didn't have the mommy tummy! The dress is very cute too, perfect for an older girl!

  2. Sharon, I am going to try one for me in a XXL, I will let you now how it goes.
    So what if we are a bit cuddly? We still want to wear nice groovy clothes.

    And any way, we have earned our 'mummy tummies'

    xx N

  3. I love the Playtime dress! Can't wait to see a knit version for the older girls.

  4. I was so surprised Cindy. It really works.
    E&Z were very put off by the new photos but they kept showing me very similar styles in my Japanese pattern book.
    I think in knit the empire line will be exaggerated, which they like.

    xx N

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  6. Both pieces look gorgeous! I just wish Oliver +S were not on the small side as my 13 yr old cannot get her shoulders into them!

  7. Thank you!
    I know, its a shame children have to grow.
    xx N