Monday, November 23, 2015


I do love the 2+2 blouse by Oliver+S.
So much so I blogged a step by step tute.
Pair them with Puppet Show shorts
With a nice flat front waistband.
And you have a perfect outfit for play.
The fabric was another remnant from my Melbourne fabric shopping trip.
It is a funny, double layered sort of stuff. Definitely cotton or linen, it took a very hot iron.
I wanted to keep the look simple so I went with a self patch and swopped the ties for a bias loop and flower MoP button 
(Trixie's signature Liberty and button)
 I  can't believe this is the first time I have made the short sleeve.
It is delightful.
To make sewing such a tiny hem easier I attached the binding before sewing the side seam.
I stitched the buttons with coral embroidery silk.
Sturdy and very very beautiful.
The shorts are made from a super soft linen/cotton. The pockets trimmed with cotton Broderie lace, blatantly copying Ana Sofia yet again.
 The shorts fit like wee knickerbockers.
The sleeves are so sweet.
Hands up who thinks it is adorable?
'Oh no'
Kiss for Sophie!
Love her!

I am having so much fun sewing for her.

xx N


  1. I love this outfit, the little details of liberty and lace are so pretty ;o)

  2. AH, she is too cute! Every picture is better than the last. I also adore the outfit - the gray textured top with Liberty trim and the coral shorts. ADORABLE!

  3. Oh she is such a character. I am sort of imagining her chatting away during the photo shoot. I love the 2+2 and the puppet show patterns too. And yes it is just too much fun sewing for a little one!

  4. Great combo Nicole. I love that buttoned neckline. I want to try one for my baby boy.

  5. Do it Renae, it would look so cute on a wee boy.
    xx N

  6. She has such a fun personality already! And you always pick the most gorgeous fabrics! I love this!

  7. She is such a trick and loves the camera.
    Thank you Kristin, I am lucky to have a pretty extensive stash to shop in.
    xx N