Sunday, November 29, 2015

Class Picnic Costume

I got off very easily with costumes this year.
So far....
Matilda's class is dancing to a Beach Boy medley.
'Beachy clothes' were requested as a costume.
Tilly had bathers but she really really wanted a costume.
Class Picnic top and shorts
Tilly always loved Liddy's shorts and top.
With help from the Twins, we put together a fun, bright ensemble that should have good stage presence.
The rayon was horrid to sew. I pinned, matched notches' and held my breath.
The shorts made in taslon will drip dry quickly. They make great swim shorts.
I just tacked the bobble fringe on for fun. If it deteriorates I can remove it without any damage to the shorts.
It is a pretty cute little outfit.
I am not sure how long the rayon will last, it was pretty flimsy to sew but as more seams were sewn, it seemed a lot more stable.
But seeing it is, in theory, a costume, any extra wear is a bonus.
I think there will be extra wear.

The nitty-gritty kitty.
A cute little pattern, very O+S.

I think the shorts are overlooked but my children prefer them to the famous Puppet Show.  I have a tute here, if you want some hand holding.

My girls lurve this top, it is their go to play top.
The neck can cause a few issues.

I have a step by step tute here if it does for you.

This is another, ostensibly, girls pattern but I would absolutely sew it for a little boy.
In fact, when I sewed the last lot up for Tilly I made them unisex, just in case. 

xx N


  1. Yes - I agree it's a great pattern. Last time I made the shorts (for school uniform) I put the edging/facing on the inside and they still looked great!

  2. Oooh Taryn, what a great idea!
    I could sneak in some Liberty...
    Thank you!
    xx N

  3. What an adorable set! Her haircut is very cute too. It suits her.

  4. Thank you Masha, I am pretty pleased with my 'costume'.
    I love her hair, we are in head lice season and this makes it much easier to check her.
    As well as looking fabulous.
    xx N

  5. Definitely one of my favorite o+s patterns!!! Love this ensemble and she could not be any cuter in those sunnies!!

    1. Thank you Inder, it is a groovy little number and one pattern that I tend to make both pieces off.
      She chose those sunnies herself!
      xx N

  6. Great pizazz going on with those colours. Good work design team! I love how quickly this top comes together.
    I'd already earmarked *cough - stalked *your unisex pair of shorts as inspiration for my Mister Man sewing but a bobble fringe sees you take these shorts to a happy place once again.

  7. Bright enough for you, Renae?
    I think these would look awesome on a wee boy, squeezed over chubby thighs, irresistible.
    Everything is better with bobble!
    Thank you.
    xx N

  8. Such a cute outfit -- please tell Tilly we love her new haircut!

  9. Thank you Christine.
    She was very pleased with her compliment and went all pink.
    xx N

  10. I'm thinking about sewing a pair of these in lightweight denim, trying to decide about a printed facing. Miss Tilly looks very happy with the outfit, the colour definitely says "fun!".

  11. Did you see Joh's pair with the reverse denim facing?
    They were fab, thank you.
    xx N

  12. perfect look for a beachy ensemble :) I love the bright colors and the little bobbles

  13. She certainly had stage presence Kristin, thank you!
    xx N