Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baby Bubbles

I am enjoying Trixie's turn.
Bubble dress
A sweet bubbly Bubble dress.
I made Trixie the size 12-18 month (as per measurements) and it was spot on.
The bodice is pick-a-pick cotton shot with green and pink, a remnant I have had in my stash forever, just waiting for the perfect project. I lined it with some raspberry pink lawn. So soft.

The skirt, bandana bib and Tea Party bloomers are sewn in some silky lawn (is it Liberty)? sent to me from the kind and generous Ana Sofia
I trimmed the bodice with bobble fringe and black and white narrow grosgrain ribbon.
The buttons are white river stone flowers (flowers being Beatrix's signature buttons) sewn with black embroidery thread.
The same thread I used to do the bodice arm stitching.
I love it.
The wee capped sleeves give that bit of sun protection.
I may have a bobble fringe addiction.
The bloomers are just the job to finish off the outfit.
Because this cheeky Miss is not walking yet.
My babies are getting so big!
If you would like to sew your own Bubble dress I have a step by step tute here

You are most welcome.

xx N


  1. Y'all are the cutest!!! I love this dress but Trixie even more. She's scrumptious!

  2. She is adorable - you look great - and Matilda is so grown up!

  3. The fringe is awesome! This is so cute :D

  4. What an adorable little munchkin! The bobble fringe does add something to the dress that's certain. Love the last photo - so cute!

  5. Oh, so cute!!
    The Bubble dress is a perfect match for that Liberty print. Love it so much on her :)

  6. So it was Liberty, you naughty girl, you spoil me!
    Thank you so much.
    xx N

  7. So sweet - you can't have too many bobbles.
    I'm just catching up - can't believe how tall M is suddenly!

  8. Thank you Catherine, I agree, never enough bobbles.
    Tildy has shot up and is all arms and legs now. She is getting so much like Liddy now.
    xx N