Friday, November 24, 2017

Burda 6769 Skirt

I finally got around to sewing (and blogging) my Burda 6769 skirt 
after the successful wearable muslin.
A very cute, modern skirt which is easy to wear.
I used the last of my precious coated denim and top stitched it with black jeans thread.
A cherry red zipper is a touch of whimsy, I know its there and it makes me smile.
The original pattern didn't have back pockets so I used the Ginger jeans ones, lifting them to try a make my droopy backside look less so.
I really like the length and the pegged hem gives me some shape.
By tucking the front off my top in it creates am optical illusion and gives me more of a waist.
That is the joy of muslin fitting.
A slim fit but perfectly comfortable, plenty of tummy ease...
but no saggy excess fabric at the back.
~My Verdict~
Very happy with my skirt. I have a stretch blue denim version cut and then that will do.
The pattern does not have seam allowances so do remember that, especially if you buy the German PDF and don't speak German.

Another nifty piece that works well in my capsule.

Thanks for reading.

xx N


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Faye.
      I am pretty happy with my sewing now, not as good as my mums but getting there.
      We were at a party last weekend and I was chatting to a lass about sewing and her husband made a disparaging comment that it is not like you can sew clothes you would want to wear out, we were all wearing my clothes.
      I took it as a compliment.
      xx N

  2. Perfect fit, Nicole! You look fantastic. And I always like seeing hanger or flat photos of home-sewn clothes because it's so interesting how different pieces can look when they are customized to fit a unique body.

    1. Thank you so much Masha.
      I will post flat shots in future, good point, I know Jed's jeans are a crack up #gnometrousers
      xx N