Thursday, November 23, 2017

Little Things To Sew Messenger Bag

Now I am sure I have shared this before.
I am not crafty, don't enjoy it and I am not good at it.
But Tildy needed a new school bag and I promised I would make her one.
My last attempt (with Liesl holding my hand) was not too shabby so I got help there again.
I went with the Messenger Bag from the Little Things to Sew Book
Bag making absolutely terrified me but this really wasn't too bad.
Tilly chose the fabric herself.
Yes, with multi-coloured canvas, hot pink vinyl and all sorts of other treasures up for grabs she chose choc mock croc with a Robert Kaufman pima cotton for the lining.
The vinyl was pretty easy to sew with my semi-industrial machine. I used Clover clips to hold the seams as I worked.
The only changes I made was to add a magnetic clasp and I re-inforced the top clasp on a square of vinyl.
I made Tilly the adult or large size and it is just big enough.
Quite frankly, she had a bigger bag and it just got filled up with stuff she didn't need, the smaller bag is working out well.
The bag hardware was salvaged from her old school bag and I used the same vinyl as the main to make the straps.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the crocodile skin.
The spots are really cute.
I like how its got one strap.
The size is really good (so I don't put too much stuff in it)
It makes me feel happy, special and different because no body else has a bag like it.
~My Verdict~
I really, really enjoyed sewing this bag and I didn't expect too.
It was no way near as complicated as I expected.
The pieces all went together well and the instructions were very good.
The vinyl sewed well. Every now and then it would stretch a wee bit but I found if I lifted the foot the puckers would go (a walking foot would probably help with that)
Zara can actually fit her laptop in it so she has requested one for Uni.
I am looking forward to sewing it again.

PS I believe there is an errata in regard to the notches when you are sewing the back. I remembered reading that so I disregarded them and used my common sense.
Everything worked out nicely. 

Thanks for reading.

xx N


  1. Can I say I told you so?! :)
    I knew you'd find this a straight forward and enjoyable sew. It's a great bag and I love the fabrics - nice choices!

    1. You were right!
      Utterly terrified but turned out great fun.
      Thank you!
      xx N