Thursday, November 30, 2017

Jiffy Sewing Simplcity 9473

I knocked up a wearable muslin, which I am wearing quite a lot.
A vintage SuperJiffy Simplicity 9473 that I had picked up in an OpShop in Victoria.
I like Jiffy patterns, they are generally really cleverly cut as they use few pieces to make the garment.
The fabric was some seriously shifty, polyester, ribbed stuff from Eliza's Fabric $2 bin.
It was horrid to sew, bouncy and stretchy and I carefully cut it and pinned it, matching stripes but they refused to line up.
I bound the arm edges and neck, it seemed a bit bulky but wears okay.
I also made a waist tie but it looked rather like gift wrapping porridge (on me) so I gave it the flick.
It would be a cold day in Hell before I wore this out (way too clingy and I get serious static electricity zaps if I slide into a vehicle) BUT I worked out I need to lift the waist and definitely keep it this length (I did shorten it due to lack of fabric, by 30cm).
I will definitely source some nice black and white stripe and make a 'good' version with a few changes as mentioned above.

That said, I am wearing this most evenings, after a shower and have tossed it on after swimming too.

Thank you for reading xx N


  1. Well, you have to feel comfortable in it, but I do quite like it. You look cute in just about everything though (again, that hair!). And you most definitely do not look like porridge, or a sausage.

  2. Thank you Masha. I do wear it so I must like it, just feels so clingy which I am definitely not used to.
    I will source some cotton/modal as I think a bit of drape is nice, jus a few more nature fibres...
    xx N

  3. It is the perfect summer nightie as is! I can't wait to see it in a more substantial fabric with the bust darts brought up a bit! What about tapering it a bit more too like the Inari tee? Just a thought. xxoo

    1. I really appreciate your suggestions Inder, they are good!

      I think it is worth tweaking, it is so wearable, even if I can't get Trixie of the trampoline when wearing it, ZAP ...
      xx N