Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lekala #4562 Top

One of the patterns I keep in my cutting trolley is the Lekala #4562
I made two of these blouses, last year.
denim version
And a rayon one
This version is made from some linen/cotton mix I picked up, on sale, at Horsham Spotlight $6/m.
I purchased 4 metres and cut a shirt for Hugo, some woven Hudson pants for me and this!
To keep things simple, I omitted the cuffs and used some leftover rayon bias from Liddy's cold shoulder dress (to be blogged) to finish them.
The silky finish is very comfortable.
I scooped out the neck, by a few cms and used the same bias there

I didn't get a good photo of it but I omitted the side split too.
It made sewing the tiny double hem a bit fiddly but looks nice.
I am wearing it a lot!
It is like a t-shirt but dressier. It is very cool to wear as it falls away from my body and I am thrilled not to need a bust dart.
From the website
from the website

I rather like the look of the formal, silk satin t-shirt and I very tempted to try that look with this pattern.

Another nice, hard working piece for my capsule.

Thanks for reading... xx N


  1. I really like this type of easy to wear top as well but a decent pattern is quite hard to come by. I will have to keep this in mind. All of your versions look lovely. It looks like the pattern that keeps on giving.

    1. Thank you!
      I was worried that it looked a bit bulky, I can feel quite top heavy with my bust and my big arms but, honestly, it is so nice to wear I have got over those worries.
      I much prefer a fancy sew but I really need to embrace the everyday stuff, its what I wear.
      xx N
      PS Still dying over that dress with the sleeves detail that you made.
      xx N

  2. Very nice Nicole. You inspire me to try to be more economical with my fabric. And also, your hair is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Masha, #ninjacuttingforthewin.
      My hair is my indulgence, I should cut it but I love it and it so easy to put up.
      xx N

  3. Another great top on you, Nicole! You look great! And I agree with Masha, your hair is phenomenal in these photos.

    1. Thank you Inder.
      This would be great under suit for work too, it is nice in a draping fabric.
      Thank you for your compliments regarding my hair.
      xx N