Monday, March 26, 2018

Hugo's Jean Pool (groan) KwikSew 2123

New jeans for Beamish Boy.
An emergency phone call from the handy man.
his jeans were too toight.
So I made him another pair.
Hugo's tried and true Kwik Sew jeans 
It is very handy to have a pattern I can sew up, without fitting.
I altered the pattern previously, lowering the waist and pinching out some hip fullness but leaving the ease through the legs.
I added back pocket flaps and double back belt carriers.
The fabric is super stretchy denim/wool from Spotlight.
Mandatory pose for Nana Deb.
~Hugo's Verdict~
Since starting my studies at university I have had the opportunity to wear my nice, smart Eglington clothes more often.
My jeans in particular have had a good work out, to the extent that I had entirely worn out the backside in a pair.
I guess I can now officially be called a 'shiny bum'.
Luckily, Mum came to the rescue and I went from one pair of 'good' jeans to a repaired pair and a new pair very promptly.
My new jeans are the same design which are super comfortable and smart.
The stretch denim fabric has a lot of give which is good for me to tackle the trek up and down the hills at Flinders.
I guess I am saying I really like my new jeans and hope I don;t wear the backside out of the too soon.
As do I, Beamish, as do I...

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole


  1. Great jeans! So smart looking.

  2. I am so intrigued by this "wool denim"! Is it wool, using a twill denim weave? Does it have cotton in it too? It sounds lovely and warm for winter jeans, and I expect you hardly ever have to wash them ...

    1. I am not sure of the percentage Inder, I will check out the tag next time I am in store.
      It has a fluffy finish on the inside and smells quite 'woolly' when you press it. It is a lot softer than cotton denim and spot cleans well.
      Hugo says if he gets caught in a drizzle it does't soak through to his skin.
      I wash them in a wool wash when they need it.
      xx N

  3. Fabulous! I wonder if I'll ever be brave enough to sew jeans for my boys too. Must feel worth it when they're literally worn out!

    1. He had completely worn the arse out of the pale blue ones. I dropped in a new patch of the same denim (Tildy still had some in her making basket) and then machine stitched it in white. It looks okay.
      He is still wearing them so I guess they must be.
      Once you get the fit, it is straight sewing. Five hours?
      xx N