Thursday, March 22, 2018

Swimmers for Zara Style 2442 OOP and Bevknits

For Christmas last year Hugo gave me the By hand London sewing planner
Zara decided to design some swimmers using it.
It has space for photos, a 'mood board' I think it is called.
As well as a croquis to sketch on.
I made a practice run first...
Using a vintage pattern that was designed to sewn in a woven cut on the bias.
Rather than lining, as the pattern called for, I applied swim suit elastic to all the edges.
It fit!
I knew the bottoms would be more challenging.
The back gave good coverage but the ended up too wide in the crotch and loose.
I removed some width from both front pieces.
 and tried again, perfect!
Muslin sewn AND perfectly wearable.
On to the 'good copy'.
But the final suit, sewn in black, is truly elegant.
Zara modelling her suit.
~Zara's Verdict~
These bathers are so flattering. Love them so much.
They fit me perfectly which is amazing.

Sewing swimmers is always challenging for me. I do like the way the top gives such great sun protection at the back and the good coverage over her derrière. I think her purchased ones are a bit skimpy. 
I guess practice will (hopefully) make perfect.

Thank you for reading xx N


  1. So clever Nicole! I bet they look great on her.

    1. They do fit her well, thank you Masha.
      (We decided not to post a picture on the WWW)
      xx N

  2. Swimsuits are definitely next level sewing! I love that she designed these and you brought them to life! The top is adorable with that full coverage/tank back.

  3. Thank you!
    I really, really like the top.
    I need to push myself with swimsuits, I am a bit naughty, I don't enjoy sewing them and tend to put them off.
    xx N

  4. Great set! (looks like another summer has passed and I haven't tackled swimwear yet......)

    1. My swimmers were literally falling off me before I made mine. It wasn't so bad but I certainly put it off.
      I recommend the Kwik Sew patterns, they look dated but are multi size so you can draft to your measurements.
      Perhaps experiment over Winter?
      Thank you
      xx N

  5. Very cute set! Those pants look terrifyingly skimpy in a flat lay but I bet they're awesome on.

    1. They are very tiny (which is why she isn't comfortable modelling them for the blog) but they actually cover better then her bought ones.
      Thank you!
      xx N