Saturday, March 24, 2018

Vintage Simplicity 8374 blouse for Tildy

Matilda really doesn't need many new things.
She is extremely fortunate in that she is given many gorgeous, hand made things from her sewing Aunties (the advantage of being 'Tiny Tilly')
But she had a request.

'A blouse, fitted in the body, with fabulous sleeves, to wear under her overalls and pinnies'.
By jove I think we got it!
I used the delightful Simplicity 8374
I had made the pinny for Matilda previously
The fabric is a delicious organic poplin from the remnant bin at Spotlight, Horsham.
I adore the wee neck ruffle.
To prevent the blouse looking too twee I used some bronze, shank buttons left over from Zara's skirt.
I think the secret to sewing with vintage patterns is to take that step back, resist the urge to add frills and fluff and let the design do the talking.
~Tilly's Verdict~
I love the buttons 
The pattern is cute on the fabric.
I love the sleeves and the neck ruffle 
I think it will work well with the copper pinny mum is going to make me soon.
I agree, I think it will work beautifully with her copper denim pinny.
Thank you for reading.

xx Nicole

PS Continuing with my stash busting exercise I was able to make a wee pair of City Gym shorts
I simply ommitted the binding, instead pre-neatening the edge, sewing the bobble tape to the right side and then pressing it to the wrong side and top stitching it in place. 


  1. She is so stylish in her lovely blouse, overalls and boots!

    1. Thank you Masha, she loooves those boots!
      xx N

  2. Oh did she really say " fabulous sleeves"? I love that, she is adorable as is her shirt.

    1. She did indeed but I think it was fabbb-ulous!
      Thank you so much.
      xx N

  3. Oh yes, 'fabulous sleeves' - I die!

  4. Such pretty fabric!! These are fabulous pieces, both of them! The bobbles on the shorts must be so fun when you're moving around! And every girl needs fabulous sleeves and very tall boots.

    1. The boots were Liddy's. She has been desperately waiting for them to fit.
      I am really happy with how wearable this piece actually is.
      Thank you!
      xx N