Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Mini Ogden Cami~For Beatrix

I have so much sewing to blog!
Zara had lots of thing sewn before she headed off to uni and I didn't get to photograph them.
Lots of different garments meant lots of lovely scraps.
Rather than 'composting' those pieces I am trying to cut them into another garment straight away.
On our last Melbourne fabric shop, Zara picked up a remnant of velvet.
It was marked 'silk' but I wasn't sure as it was very stretchy.
It did take a hot iron so I suspect it was.

Zara requested an Ogden Cami (to be blogged) 
and there were just enough scraps to make a Mini Ogden Cami.
This is a lovely little pattern, dressier than a singlet top and kinder to a wee toddler tummy.
It has beautiful finishing off and excellent instructions.
I made Trixie the size 2T, reversing the velvet nap a la Liesl Gibson  to achieve a really lush effect.
The elastic back allows for easy fitting but I found the strap placement a bit wide for Trixie (she is possibly blessed with her mother's narrow shoulders)
Although offering little sun protection it is a great Summer top for inside days.
It would also make a great pj top.
The fact that is cuts out of an odd sized piece of fabric is a bonus!

~My Tips~
Check the strap placement on your child. The suggested elastic length was spot on for Trixie.
Have some fun with this pattern, it uses so little fabric you can go all out with a scrap of linen or silk.

A really fun sew.

xx N


  1. I've never seen this pattern...its exactly what I need for Julia for the summer. I love the velvet!!

    1. It is a lovely, lovely sew Janice.
      I had no idea you read my blog, how very nice to hear from you.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. Adorable! My girls would love this pattern, I should get it!

    1. Thank you Masha, it is a lovely pattern, very well written and drafted.
      xx N