Thursday, March 29, 2018

Lekala #7154 Hooded Jacket

The last jacket was such a success...
Zara requested another 
This time in black.
I picked up the fabric from Eliza's of Sunshine. It was a heavy weight rigid knit with quite a washed out finish.
I only purchased 2 m as it was super wide, $4/m.
So far I have cut Hudson pants for Elsa (to be blogged) this top and a pair of shorts and there is enough left to make something for the little girls.
The pattern is Lekala #7154 a unisex style sports jacket with unlined hood.
As always, with Lekala, you pop in your measurements and print off your custom size pattern.
The very sporty separating zipper came from here
(There are some seriously kinky latex fabric available too, if that is your thing)
Jokes aside, great seller.
After a month my zip had not arrived so I let them know, they refunded me immediately.
Another month passed and it arrived so I emailed them to send another invoice and was told to have them complimentary.
A great zip with a grippy toggle and very strong teeth.
I guess you need a good, strong, grippy toggle in certain situations...
Heavy duty eyelets and white cord echo the sporty vibe.
The pockets gave me no end of trouble, last sew, as I seriously over thought them.
This time, no worries!
~Zara's Verdict~
This hooded jacket is such an essential piece in my wardrobe.
I wear it over my work out gear and also over a cute tee and shorts.
The hood is large enough that is covers my head but not so big that it is heavy and pulls the jacket back when worn down.
Next up, some simple shorts.
Zara pulled out this 'Nana' pattern and declared it 'just the job'.
Some shortie shorts with a faux shoelace draw string.
In red...
And black with cotton webbing trim around the legs.
I don't really enjoy sewing knits so I try and make the finishes as professional and RTW as I can, to try and get satisfaction that way.
I am just as fussy with my pinning, pressing and stitching as I would with woven sewing.
That helps.

(But I would rather sew a shirt)

Thank you for reading

xx Nicole 


  1. Excellent sportswear! Your knits are extremely polished and RTW, Nicole, and I am not at all surprised to hear about the care you put into sewing them. I aspire to this level of professional polish!

  2. Thank you Inder, what a lovely thing to say.
    My mother was very big on 'Doing your best' be that making a cake or cleaning out the chook shed.
    Do everthing to the best of your ability, put it aside if you are struggling and come back but do your best.
    That is particularly poignant at present as she is winding down. We have never been super close, I was the last of a large brood of children but I find this sort of reminder (and always having a clean hanky) very comforting.
    She won't be here for much longer but her lessons will be.
    xx N