Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Butterick 6296 Lisette Pyjamas for Lidia (B6296)

Lidia requested some 'proper' pyjamas for her camp.
Lisette Butterick 6296 pyjama pattern to the rescue!
This is a truly lovely pyjama pattern and now I have adjusted the pattern to suit us it is awesome!
I purchased this shibori look tie dye fabric  for Lidia, from Bendigo Spotlight, with this project in mind.
Completely inspired by the ones Shelley made her Mum 
For Lidia, I made the size 10 with the shoulder seam narrowed by 1.5cm tapered back to original sleeve allowance by the arm pit.
I also shortened the leg considerably, these bad boys are long!
I went all out with the piping and I love the result.
To pipe the back yoke, neaten your raw edges, attach your piping, sew and top stitch.
I used piping on the pocket too but I enclosed the raw edges.
I also finally made a pocket template to gather the pocket bottom curve perfectly.
The pattern talks you through sewing a separate waistband and then having overlocked edges on the inside. I prefer to 'wrap' my waistband for a clean finish.
I do the same with the cuffs.
Seriously, these pyjamas are a full on sew, you want them as nice as possible,
We love them!
They are almost too short but as Liddy wears them down on her hips they are fine!
I love the 'butt piping'
~Lidia's Verdict~
These pyjamas are so lush. The fabric is absolutely beautiful and just lovely to wear.  I love the shibori dying technique and I can appreciate the time taken to get these patterns as we did some Shibori work in our home economics class. I think the pattern is a really nice style and fits me well. I love the little piping details on both the bottoms and top. The buttons, picked by mum work perfectly with the colours of the dye. 

I had these made as I annually get a fancy pair of new pyjamas sewn. I get them made just before camp so that on camp I have fresh new clothes to wear. This year on camp we stayed in cabins which at the start where very hot but when the sun went down were rather cold. These pyjamas were awesome as; because they breathe I didn’t get hot and was able to keep my body mostly protected from the mozzies and also as when it was cold they did well keeping me warm in my sleeping bag. These are definitely my favourite pair of pyjamas made for me so far and I have convinced mum to make me a pair of summer ones in the same fabric so that I can wear them all year round and in the mild weather I can swap them around so that I have shorts and a long top or a short sleeved top and pants. I really love them thank you Mumma x
~My Verdict~
All the heart eyes for these, we love them so much.
With our alterations the fit is spot on and I have altered the pattern so we good to go for another pair.
I do add interfacing to the pocket top, collars and cuffs as I think the extra firmness is a nice touch.
I purchased 5m of this fabric and I pleased to say I could #ninjacut a second pair in the 'shortie' style, so Lidia can mix and match.

      Thank you for reading..... xx Nicole 


  1. Wow, these are gorgeous. Such attention to detail and your cutting and fabric placement is spot on. Lucky Lidia!

    1. Thank you!
      I really, really enjoyed this sew. I the placement was more good luck than good management but I am very happy with it.
      xx N

  2. Perfect!!! These are a "full on sew"! I've only made the pants, but I wear them all the time and I'm due for a new pair. I loooooove comfy pjs! With pockets!

    1. Thank you Inder.
      I love making these badboys but they are an investment in sewing time. That said, teenagers are either full on or sedentary so they get a lot of wear.
      (And they are such a fun sew)
      xx N

  3. I love how you used this fabric, they came out soo great!

    1. Thank you!
      I loved sewing these and they turned out just how I wanted them too.
      xx N