Monday, January 6, 2020

Liesl+Co Bento tee and Purl Soho City Gym shorts for Lidia

It is nearly time for Liddy's Aquatics Camp.
SUP at Port Adelaide
Liddy loves water sports.
So she is pretty excited about this camp, which includes sailing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and more!
Camp clothing consists of bathers, tee's, jumpers, shorts and track pants.
There was a list.
Lidia's favourite tee?
The Liesl+Co Bento tee

*From the website*
This versatile knit top is so comfy and cozy it'll quickly become your favorite! It can be made up as a sweatshirt with pockets that are perfect for storing all kinds of treasures (like movie tickets, small chocolates, or money for the cafe), or it can be sewn up as a T-shirt with cute cuffed sleeves. Simple to sew, this relaxed top can be constructed just the way you want it. View A includes in-seam pockets and short, three-quarter or long sleeves (your choice). View B is a hip-length T-shirt with short, cuffed sleeves.
I made this tee last year and didn't get around to blogging it, it is so cute I thought I would still share it.
This one is sewn in a medium weight, very stretchy knit I picked up from the Spotlight remnant bin.
Be aware, this style is quite cropped, if you like a longer top,add some length.
The neckband is very slim, which is a nice design feature but can be fiddly to sew.
I baste mine in on the sewing machine and then overlock in place.
Topstitching the seam (with a long length stitch) and binding the back neck seam create a RTW look and stabilise the neck nicely.
The gorgeous cuff is a good example of Liesl's pattern making skills.
It is nicely shaped under the arm so there is no bulk.
The seam is on the inside too, for a neat finish.
I made two Bento tee's for Zara, three years ago and she still wears them.
Lidia's  first tee (for camp) is sewn in a drape-y, cotton/modal from Eliza Fabrics.
The fabric is very stretchy and not fun to cut and sew but it does make a beautiful garment and washes and wears well.
I cut the neck band double width and and bound the neck rather than a traditional band (I find this works really well on light weight very stretchy knits)
Lidia had these cute little dog appliqués and she asked for a faux pocket added, for the pups to 'peep' out of.
I interfaced the back of the tee where the pocket was to be placed.
The second tee was a black and white striped cotton interlock from the bargain bin at Eliza Fabrics.
It had a large stained area down one side but the offcuts have made great shed rags.
For this one I used a white ribbing for the neck band but bound the back for extra stability.
The hems are finished with my coverstitch.
Paired with the City Gym shorts they make a great camp outfit.
I love this pattern. I have made over 20 pairs and they all get worn to death.
The first pair I made in a size Small from a piece of coral linen from deep stash.

The same as Trixie's Puppet Show shorts
Eeep, baby Beatrix alert!
I didn't have enough fabric to make the bias.
 So I used some light weight denim but flipped it to the wrong side so they would look more relaxed.
For the second pair, Liddy chose a grey spotty poplin from Spotlight.
As the fabric was quite light I sized up to the Medium.
These are a cooler, floatier pair to wear.
~My Verdict~
As always, Liesl+Co patterns are a delight to sew. I really, really wish I liked her designs more but her latest styles don't really suit us.
The Bento tee is a lovely, semi-cropped style. It's a dressy look in a draping knit to super fun and sporty in a firmer cloth.
The ducky little sleeve cap with the narrower under sleeve is just the designer touch that this pattern brand supply.
The City Gym shorts are an excellent, basic short pattern.
I have found one is best to size up by one size if you are using a light cloth.
Thoroughly recommend them.
~Lidia's Verdict~
Mum has done it once again! 
For my casual, camp clothes she made me up two comfy outfits. I don't usually wear casual clothes and prefer my more tailored going out clothes so I wasn't really sure what I wanted.  I decided on two Bento Box shirts and two pairs of City Gym shorts. My favourite shirt is the rather comfortable coral shirt with the bull dog puppy appliqué on the pocket. I really like the other shirt and pair of shorts as an outfit though. 

While I was on camp I was cool and comfortable, and although we spent very little time not in either our pyjamas or our swimmers they were awesome while I was wearing them. They were easy to move in and didn't slow me down when we playing our schools favourite free time game, cricket. They served my purpose for them as well and I shall continue wearing them regularly in the future. Thank you Momma  much appreciated! 

Thank you for reading xx Nicole 


  1. great sets. I am making the adult city gyms for miss F at the moment and sewed the largest size of lunch box tee for her, so will need to move to bento or chai next!

    1. I haven't made the O+S 'Bento' tee, the one with the culottes, I should!
      Shorts and tees are really de rigour for Aussie kids.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  2. Such a great, easy-wear ensemble! Love it! Can I just say I can't believe you're sewing adult sizes for your kids now? I remember when they were still quite wee!

    1. Yes, my babies are getting so big!
      Thank you Inder.
      xx N