Saturday, January 18, 2020

OOP McCall's 3501 dress for Matilda

I made something so pretty!
A vintage dress for Matilda.
McCall's 3501
A beautiful 'fit and flare' with an amazing sleeve ruffle.
Sewn in a very beautiful linen/cotton 
I made the size 8 for Matilda (who is nearly 11) which corresponds to her chest measurements.
It fits perfectly!
I made the pattern exactly as directed, my only change was to use some flat piping at the neck edge left over from Trixie's shorts
The sash is finished with a narrow, double hem and is set into the front side panels.
I used a standard zipper as I have love/hate with invisible zippers.
I love how easy they are to instal, I hate that they break so easily.
Matilda requested the dress be very fitted but I didn't need to, the pattern fit like it was drafted for her.
I think the arm sleeve may be a bit snug or the fabric is a wee bit scratchy as I did see her tug at that a few times, we shall see.
I adore this fabric and I was so pleased Tilly was happy for me to sew it up for her.
~My Verdict~
So many vintage patterns, so little time!
This pattern is every bit as wearable now. I have spotted many versions on Pinterest.
I have the next size up in the same pattern and I would love to make a soft denim version with frayed ruffles.
Although I didn't need to fit it, all the panels would make fitting a dream.
~Tilly's Verdict~
I love the watercolour flower fabric.
It's very comfortable and I love the bow at the back. 
I am a bit sad because my rose gold Saltwater sandals are too small for me now, as they worked perfectly with my dress.
I think that this dress will be my new favourite, I am going to wear it all the time.
I originally wanted it to be fitted and then I thought back to my blouse with the birds on it that I ripped and decided not have it fitted. But then the dress turned out to be fitted anyway (Not too fitted though so I couldn't rip it).
It was a little bit tight under my arms but mum said that that should come out in a few washes.
Thank you for reading.... xx N


  1. I agree, this is so very pretty! Spotlight can surprise with their fabric offerings at times.

    1. I think Spotlight has improved so much!
      Their apparel fabric is really nice many more hits than misses these days
      (The website is still pretty terrible though)
      Thank you Siobhan.
      xx N

  2. This is so pretty... all the heart eyes for the vintage patterns! My daughter has the same problem as Tildy this summer - her rose gold Salties are too small also!

    1. Thank you!
      Tilly has, all of a sudden grown, so all her pretty shoes are being handed down to Trixie.
      Best bit, she gets to choose a new pair.
      xx N

  3. Your girls are adorable in their matching outfits. The fabric is really pretty but has a modern look which makes the designs look stylish and current. You have been very busy in your sewing room.

    1. Thank you Karen (and for saying I have been busy as I have not, not really)
      We are finishing up school hols and it has been bliss. I think I have spent more time swimming than sewing (and then cooking huge amounts of food to fill up those hungry swimmers)
      It was a happy sew and I was pleased with it.
      xx N

  4. Love love love. Tildy, I hope you get another pair of rose gold sandals in a larger size because they do suit you (and this outfit) so well! (One of the best things about being a grownup is that I don't grow out of my favorite shoes anymore.) Nicole, I adore this pattern in this fabric and I also agree, it's screaming for a soft denim, linen, chambray, something like that. Well done!

  5. You know the lovely thing? Those shoes were Lucy's (Justmejayjay) daughter) shoes handed on to US!
    Sewing friends are the best.
    Thank you Inder, I do hope I get to sew it again but I know what I am like, I ALWAYS say that and then there are just so many more patterns.
    xx N