Tuesday, January 7, 2020

OOP Simplicity 8129 Tunic and Trousers for Beatrix

My first sew for 2020.
A truly indulgent project chosen by Trixie.
Hugo and Zara gave me a box of vintage sewing patterns for Christmas and this little sweetie was included.
Beatrix pulled this piece of rayon from the remnant bin at Horsham Spotlight (they have the best remnants) 
The pattern is a size 3+4and I cut the size 4 dress for Trixie.
The dress is a bit on the short side, European length, so I thought I would sew the trousers too.
The fabric is another remnant, cotton broadcloth, in a greeny/blue colour. Petrel? Deep teal?
I am not sure.
It is odd, I often feel like I am 'cheating' making simple trousers or shorts, which is daft!
Children grow fast, they also like comfortable waistbands, elastic is adaptable and gentle on the tum!
Trixie is five and this is size four and it only just fits.
This is something I have to get used to, Tilly was wearing size 2 shorts in Year One at school. Trixie is not a big child, she is just not tiny!
The dress/tunic has a gathered front that is attached to a rounded yoke.
The instructions call for you to interface this only but I chose to interface and self line.
I also neatened the edge of the yoke and the dress BEFORE sewing the two together.
Trixie still has a wee toddler tummy and she doesn't like anything firm on it.
This style of dress/tunic is perfect as it gives her ease.
The trousers are perfect!
I think I will make a few pairs for school.
They have a nice cut, not too full and looks adorable with the creases pressed in.
I think I will topstitch the crease in, in the next pair.
The hems are trimmed with some vintage rickrack from my mothers stash, in the perfect shade of mustard.
The trims were all Trixie.
She say the pattern packet and declared she needed trims too.
I want sure about the guipure daisy trim around the yoke but she insisted.
Wearing her knitted cap by Auntie Sarvi
I love sewing vintage patterns so the odd addition to make the girl happy to wear them (like a few daisies) is something I can live with.
~Trixie's Verdict~
The white flowers are my favourite (the trim) and I like the big pink flowers and the trousers.
I like how they have the orange bits on the trousers.
The socks are itchy (oh dear) but the trousers are not.
It's nice and silky.
~My Verdict~
I am absolutely delighted with how this one turned out.
Rayon is probably not a regular choice for a child's dress but it is soft and cool to wear and this was a $3 remnant so was not great loss if it doesn't handle play well.
This style of clothing is quick to sew and easy to wear. I have often dismissed it as 'not challenging enough' but it is still possible to have a fine finish on a simple garment and I need to stop being such a bloody snob!
I am definitely looking at my vintage patterns with fresh eyes.
Sewn up in modern fabrics and colours they truly are lovely.

Thank you for reading.... xx N


  1. Delightful Nicole and great call to add the daisies. If she loves it it will become a favourite and well worn dress. They grow up too fast and it's a shame to have beautiful dresses just hanging around in the wardrobe. My girls are in their 20's now but I have kept some of their sweet little dresses. 😉🌼

    1. Thank you Karen.
      I hope she loves it, she has worn it twice.
      I wasn't sewing so many things for Trixie but a young woman erectly contacted me that has two little girls and asked if she may have Beatrix's handmedowns, so I am all inspired again.
      xx N

  2. I can't believe how grown up Trixie is now! The vintage blouse is adorable and I'm sure the rayon keeps her nice and cool in the heat.

    1. She is so grown up Siohban, no more babies!
      I love rayon, it takes a little care to keep nice but it is worth it.
      I hope you are keeping well.
      xx N

  3. Oh, I just love the whole outfit and especially the daisy trim Trixie picked - I think it is perfect. I love simple pants patterns for kids - they are such instant gratification (esp. for a slow sewer like me), and in our family they get worn. It turned out beautifully, Nicole.

    1. Thank you!
      You are right, they grow so fast and elastic is comfortable. Why do zippers and buttons until you need to!
      xx N

  4. You will not be surprised to hear that I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this! So adorable! I want to make this for Maggie, since she's sort of switched to only wearing tops and pants (she used to be dresses only) and the top could be tunic length.

    Trixie is so freaking adorable, and yes, she's already bigger than tiny Maggie, who is age 7 (8 this summer)! Maggie must be more like how Tillie was.

    I gave a bunch of my handmades to our mutual friend Rachel of StitchedTogether, and it made me so happy. Totally inspiring to know they will get some more wear.

    1. Thank you Inder!
      We are so lucky and Trixie gets sent a lot of clothes so I didn't really feel justified sewing for her (but it is just so cute) when Airlie approached me (with photos of her girls wearing clothes I had made for Airlie 20 odd years ago) I melted!
      It does feel weird to besetting to size, Tilly was such a flea (like Maggie) the teachers all nicknamed her 'Tiny Tilly' she has caught up now though!
      XX n

  5. Adorable. This pattern reminds me a lot of the Playdate dress. I love it both as a dress with the knee socks, and as a tunic over the pants. Very bespoke.

    1. I LOVED the Playdate dress, I always had to make the opening bigger for my children's big heads though.
      Thank you, we are both happy with this one.
      xx N