Friday, January 17, 2020

OOP Simplicity 7459 tunic and O+S Puppet Show shorts for Beatrix

I started the year with some very pretty sewing.
A very pretty set for Beatrix.
With some Watermark Printed Cotton Linen that I patiently waited for to go sale.
Then I #ninjacut a dress for Matilda (to be blogged) and Trixie's tunic from the 2 metres.

I love this pattern and I hope I get to make the dress before Trixie grows out of it.
I was recently given a piece of cream coloured pinwale cord which would be just the job!
(And if there is enough, maybe those groovy flared trousers)
The pattern is beautifully drafted.
The yoke is self faced ( I also interfaced the outer yoke with sheer weft for extra firmness) the the ruffles are attached and covered with the arm facing (which I also interfaced)
I topstitched the facing in place, under the yoke but just caught it in place with 'stitch-in-the-ditch' at the shoulders.
The gorgeous love heart cotton lace was a treasure I found in a box of goodies that was left on my verandah.
I never found out who left that bundle of sewing treats but I was very grateful.
Trixie is now wearing Matilda's Cloud dress with the bugle beads stitched onto the cloud and LOVES it so much I had to oblige her with some more sparkle.
Again, the beads were another 'treasure' that I acquired when someone was clearing out their sewing room.
The front pleat is pressed in place but I also edge stitched it to keep the knife edge folds.
The top gets fastened with a zipper.
Which makes for speedy dressing!
The shorts are, of course, everyone's favourite Puppet Show shorts
And, hello, pockets!
I used the scraps from Trixie's vintage trousers

It was a remnant from Spotlight, a cotton broadcloth probably meant for quilting but it sewed up so nicely.
I love this on her.
And it goes perfectly with the gorgeous shoes her Aunty Sarvi sent her.
The little sleeve ruffles act as a cap sleeve which give some sun protection.

And it has enough ease that she could wear it over a long sleeve tee (and maybe those cream cord trousers) for Winter.
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like the flowers, they are roses.
I like the shoes. I like how mumma sewed the love hearts. I love the socks. (That's a first, maybe I need to learn how to knit)
My FAVOURITE bit is the pockets!
I like the bows on the pockets.
Its very comfortable.
~My Verdict~
Everything was successful with this sew.
It turned out just how I imagined, I used the whole cut of fabric.
It is super wearable and looks cute and it was a really nice sew.
The linen/cotton floral is so pretty, I adore the colours. The fabric is a little rough but hopefully with a few washes in Softly, it will settle down.

Thank you for reading.... xx N
PS. The socks.
Trixie is the very lucky recipient on many knitted items from her Aunty Sarvi. These little socks being one of those treasures.
Trixie LOVES them (and she dislikes socks) as they are so soft and not firm (which seems to be her issue with other types)
Just sharing the sock love!


  1. Love this top! And love seeing your ninja cutting - that is a great table to cut on.

    1. Thank you Ang!
      This table top is the BEST!
      My girlfriend purchased it from an antique shop in the Adelaide Hills. It was originally the counter in the Strathalbyn Drapery.
      I am very spoilt.
      xx N

  2. It really is very pretty. The whole outfit is adorable. Can't wait to read about the dress, which is also lovely.

    1. Thank you Masha.
      I fell in love with this fabric the first time I saw it and it was so had to wait for it to come on sale (I have so much fabric already I can only justify buying new on sale)
      xx N

  3. Just absolutely lovely! Love that pattern, of course, and it's perfect with the puppet show shorts. The socks and shoes and beautiful, well done Auntie Sarvi!!

    1. Sarvi spoils us!
      (Do you knit? These knitted socks have been a god send)
      Thank you, Puppet shorts make everything better.
      xx N