Monday, October 3, 2016

A Little Bag To Sew...

Miss Tildy had a visit to the zoo.
Teacher requested each child to take a small back pack.
I had just the pattern.
The back pack from the book Little Things to Sew.
The only grumble that I have heard about this pattern is the it is too small, perfect!
I used added a side pocket to hold Matilda's water bottle. I just used the front pocket pattern piece and added an elastic casing to the top.
I also sewed a piece of wide elastic into the side seams to support the bottle.
I went crazy with interfacing. I had a bundle of that nasty stiff stuff you use for hats and I interfaced ALL the pieces of the main and the lining.
My zipper choice, a very old metal teeth one, was a wee bit short so I filled the gap with some cotton webbing.
Along with topstitching everything I think this just added to the sturdiness of the finished product.
A metal loop and an ear tag made a good zipper pull.
I was advised to pad the arm straps but I didn't have any wadding.
I will next time, Tilly said it did cut in a bit.
The strap adjusters were from an old school bag.
I sewed it up in a very old, very thick piece of canvas that was given to me.
The piping was the last of the neon pink sent to me my sewing gal-pal Britters.
The bird stencil was found on Google and a freezer paper jobby.
The inspiration was all Pinterest.
Trixie wearing a 2+2 blouse, Sailboat pants, Purl Soho winter bonnet and I will get back to you on the cardy.
As you can see, the back pack is tiny!
It is, however, a very good pattern and has really good instructions.
I did not enjoy sewing it, not one bit, but I will make another... one day.
I would never, ever complain about buying a bag again. These things are a lot of work.
However, this is one study little bag and it is getting a lot of use.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I really like the water bottle holder. The bag is very comfy and works well.
I really like the bird and the pink, rosey lining. 
Lots of people in my class commented on my bag. They said they really liked it and my teacher said I was very spoilt.
That made me feel happy and joyful.
If I got to have another one, I would like it a bit bigger so I could use it for school. Maybe a blue, purple and pink one?
Maybe, just maybe...another one for Christmas. 
xx N


  1. It really is a small bag! I feel like it is best for preschoolers. My daughter is four and takes hers to 4K. We'll get her a larger bag when she is in full-day kindergarten next year. But the design is adorable and she likes it. She stuffs it full of toys and takes it on trips, and lugs it around the house a lot, too.
    Love your version, the piping really adds a lot!

  2. Thank you Emily.
    I had a few friends who had already made it give me lots of tips, the size was mentioned. Luckily, that was in my favour.

    I agree, it is a great pattern, goes together really well.
    xx N

  3. Love all the little details. The neon with the natural calico is very modern but tasteful ;o)

  4. Thank you!
    I bow down to you bag making skills.
    xx N

  5. What a cute bag! But seriously how divine is your baby? I just could gobble that cuteness up! She's adorable :)

    1. Thank you, I just love her chubby chubby cheeks. She has kept them although she has stretched now.
      The bag is well loved so it was worth it.
      xx N

  6. I knew you could do it, and you did a damn good job too!
    Did you know that the bag I made got stolen? I never did make another one but seriously enjoyed the pattern.

    1. You are kidding, stolen?
      I guess that is a pretty big compliment...

      I didn't enjoy it but I think the metal zipper may have contributed to that. It is good and strong but I hate the feel of it scratching me.
      I will use a heavy duty plastic next time.
      Thank you!
      xx N

  7. Very cute! The piping detail is fab & love that ear tag! Great idea with the cotton webbing. :)

  8. Thank you.
    Ear tag, he he, I must correct that.
    xx N

  9. The stencil and piping are gorgeous. Surely wrestling bags is no different to denim jeans? Maybe even easier, no?

  10. I think the metal zip was the big turn off, I think I make go with heavy duty plastic next time, and there will be a next time as it is so cute!

    Thank you.

    xx N