Friday, October 21, 2016

More Puppet Show

I seem to be doing quite a bit of 'more' sewing.
Repeat patterns are getting the work out.
My sewing time is pretty sparse these days so not too much experimenting with new patterns.
Puppet Show shorts are always a winner with my girls. The bloomy style means they get a lot of wear from them.
These are the size 5.
(In the larger size of the pattern, the smaller size is way too small, people OS must have super small nappies for their babies)
I sewed them up in a 1/2 m remnant I picked up ins Spotters ($2)?
It is a linen/cotton mix and was a bit scratchy but after washing it in Softly it has settled and Tilly has skin like a rhino so it doesn't bother her.
I only buy remnants now if I have a use for them and I give myself a deadline to use it.
Too much of anything is not a good thing and I have way too much fabric.
I like a flat front on elastic shorts so I used this  method.
I also added a lace trim to the pocket, my lace is pre-gathered with elastic so I just poked it under the binding.
If the lace is flat, add it when you gather the top of the pocket.
~Matilda's Verdict~
I very much like the pockets.
They (the shorts) are very comfy.
I wore them to the Coonalpyn show.
They are good for the jumpy castle.

Tilly is wearing them with her size 2T Puppet Show tunic, it was a bit snug but she desperately wanted to wear it one last time.
It has since transferred to Trixie's wardrobe. 

Tilly has requested another Puppet Show tunic, if I make the 5 she should still be wearing it when she leaves school...
I have a step by step tutorial for a sturdy Puppet Show tunic/dress here

Thanks for reading, as always.
xx N


  1. Andrew thinks they would be perfect for the 'chateau gonflable' at the Coonalpyn show ...

  2. 'Chateau Gonflable', I love it.
    xx N

  3. Ah, she is just the tiniest thing! Tell her I was very very small growing up too, it's a nice thing to be petite once you're in your 20s. xxoo

  4. She is teeny but mighty!
    I agree Inder, I was very petite but quite strong for my size. Us little but fabulous girls need to stick together
    Thank you
    xx N

  5. It's true then, that the shorts in the small size range are weirdly small?! I'd all but given up on this pattern after the small sized versions being unwearable. We've got a pair of size 5 shorts in the wardrobe now, and while my kid isn't as tiny as Tilly, you've convinced me to make the blouse one last time. This outfit is so lovely!

    1. Very small and I have small babes.
      They are Tilly's favourite shorts though so I will make a few meow pairs this Summer.
      The blouse is so pretty and Tilly does the buttons up by herself (a worry I had, I need my guys to dress themselves from a young age)
      It really suits Tilly, the collar frames her adorable freckles.
      Thank you.
      xx N

  6. so cute, no way my big bootied baby would fit into size 5 any more!!

    1. He he, I read that as big booty cutey at first.
      xx N

  7. Skin like a rhino - *snort*!. The 5s look like they fit TIldy very well. My 6-year-old has outgrown the Puppet Show but I think Natasha could still wear the 5. I love those shorts. And I'm with you on the bum room - I had to size up A LOT to get them over cloth diapers. I didn't find them to fit that well over disposables either, to be honest!

  8. I think the sizing was a bit off on this one (in the tiny sizes). I talked down some very cranky ladies after the neck and arm cuffs wouldn't do up, after many hours of sewing.
    That is why I mention it, a gorgeous pattern but you want them to wear it more then once!

    I do so love it, though. It is my second favourite after the Jumprope. The Jumprope is my most favourite dress (or pattern really) ever.
    Thank you!
    xx N

  9. I just love the Puppet Show pattern. L wore her 'Alice in Wonderland' version during the holidays and I forgot how much I love it. Tildy looks so chic in hers!