Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Mermaids#3

I'm still sewing after all this de do de de de de....
Sorry,all the polyester is getting to my brain!

So far,for any late comers or first timers,we (Lidia and me)have volunteered to sew mermaid costumes.

Became Felicia
And Gloria,
Now meet Lucinda....
Lucinda is a little shy and can be nervous of meeting new people however she is also quite cheeky when she warms up!
She loves to swim up to the top of the ocean even though she is not meant to!
She can be naughty and sign documents that she is not meant to!(???????-I have no idea where that one came from)!
Her gown is shades of blue and gold but her favourite colour is green!
This is Lidia's own costume.

We are still having fun although I am a bit behind on the wigs and the Twins are waiting on some pearl beads.
(and there is still glitter every where)!

Next we meet Honoria....

x N&L


  1. This is just too precious! Love the swimming moves - go Lidia!

    & I love the (illegal!) signing of documents!!

  2. I have no idea where that came from Justine,it was said with a wicked giggle!
    Thank you,she took the four made costumes into school for a try on.I gather they were scampering around the library.

    x N

  3. Hmmm. I might periodically check with teachers on whether they have sent home any "documents" you were meant to sign off on.

  4. I love this, and it seems like my miss M likes Lucinda the best so far :-) But I too would watch your "documents" for unauthorized signings (you might land up owning a giraffe or something)!!

  5. Heh....might want to investigate those unauthorized signed doecuments! Another lovely mermaid! Are you making the wigs too?

  6. I found a very skillfully forged signature the other day! Where do they get these ideas from?! I love Lidia's pretty!

  7. I know Camille,I wonder what she is up too?

    I am glad you Missy M approves Susanne! A giraffe,how funny!

    I am decorating the wigs to match Cindy,I hope to have them all a little different.
    Thank you,I hope they will all think THEIR mermaid is the best!

    Our children are often required to sign ''borrowing or internet or behaviour'' contracts at their school.
    Maybe she means one of those Millie?
    I am investigating.....

    x N

  8. Wow...those mermaids look beautiful...great job sewing :-)))

  9. Thanks Kelly!
    I am sewing away at number five at the moment!

    x N