Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Japama's

My lovely friend Justine purchased and fabric swopped the latest oliver+s patterns with me.
The SleepOver pajamas was one pattern we didn't originally order. We both intended too but at a later date.
Then we spotted these and had to have the pattern immediately!

I do measure my tribe but find with most patterns a sizing trial is useful to gauge the fit. The finished garment will fit someone-sometime.

Zara and Elsa have a camp next week and some new pajamas were in order. My favourite BedTime Story pattern are getting a bit tight on the old botty region so I went with the size 12 in the SleepOver's.

I made them in knit with a woven trim which made them quicker as there was no need to ease the sleeves-they stretched to fit and I overlocked all the seam staggering them at the hems.

The size 12 fit my 14 year old Hugo.
He doesn't generally wear pajamas but he reckons they will be great for after a shower.

I used a City Weekend fabric for the trim and some lovely white river stone buttons.

Hugo is average height small build but very muscle-y so a woven would not have fit him.

Hugo is an also an incredibly good sport!

Doncha love his shoes?

Bear with a side of cat hair.

PS I have cut out the 10 for the Twins and they have chosen the fabric........

x N


  1. As I was reading through/looking at the photos, I was thinking the same thing "What a good sport he is!". Great pjs, Can't wait to see what fabric the twins have chosen!

  2. He's a gem, Nicole. Love the bear

  3. Thanks Cindy,he is!
    ''You would like me to hold a bear? No worries Mum''
    I guess as he is reached the ''young adult'' stage he is less fussed about being silly.

    Meet Bramwell,Hugo's very old bedraggled bear!
    Thank you Sandi

    x N

  4. I love his bear...I wanted to say on Flickr that he really is a great lad for doing all of that modelling for his Mum! A really great sport!
    Great PJs...just right for after a shower...proper lounge-wear!

  5. Not as pretty as Colettes though Millie!

    Thank you,he is a good sport because I seriously doubt he will wear them top,maybe the bottoms?
    They will put away for the Twins.

    x N

  6. what a handsome guy you've got there (and apparently cooperative too)! those pajamas look SO comfy. nicely done.

  7. I think I just left a comment on Your blog!
    Thank you and late Happy Birthday!
    xxxx N

  8. He is such a good sport, Nicole! I love his teddy... :-)

  9. They didn't make it to camp Justine but he was wearing the bottoms last night.
    I am so you got me this pattern-Thank you!

    Dear old Bramwell..
    x N

  10. I love the colors you chose....very cute!

  11. I looovvee the color combination! He looks quite comfortable.
    I am making a pair now, do you think it is possible to use French seams for the top side seams (with the hem and all)? Should I go with a straight stitch seam finish? I am using a quilting cotton fabric.

  12. Thank you Rhythm, if you trim them well they should be fine.
    xx N