Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Under The Sea

I love Presentation Night!
It is a great chance to catch up with other parents and see the displays of school work.

My favourite part of the evening are the little performances that the children stage. Most are only four or five minutes long but such fun!

I LOVE making costumes especially when the teacher gives me full autonomy which is the case this year with Lidia.

The children are dancing a medley of songs Summer Holiday and Hot,Hot,Hot together and then the boys will bop to Surfing USA while the girls shimmy to Under the Sea.

My part is to make ten mermaid costumes(or wermaids as they are known in our home,the same as hoatcangers)!

A local mother was good enough to lend me a purchased costume for a few ideas and this is what the girls and I came up with.

This is just a calico toile for fitting.

It is a very simple design held together with elastic and zigzag
stitch but as it will be worn for under five minutes it will be fine.

I will not need to purchase any fabric as I have plenty of bits and pieces left from tragic 90's bridesmaid dresses and B&S Balls.

I have some some fabulous sequins on Ebay and was lucky enough to buy a bulk lot of green/pink thread sequins for next to nicks!

Lidia is naming each creation and giving them a character profile which is lots of fun!

Introducing Felicia...

Felicia is very quiet and shy and very,very small. She only speaks to the fishes and they translate for her.
Felicia is very sensitive and all the over mermaids take great care not startle her or she becomes very distressed.
Her gown is swirl of cream,apricot and gold and she wears soft curls in her hair.

''Felicia'' has been made for a tiny girl in Lidia's class. She is so small even whispy Liddy cannot fit in her costume.
The child in question has special needs and Lidia is extremely attached to her and worries if she is absent.

I must admit I am waiting with interest to ''meet'' the other wermaids as their costumes are finished.....

The Twins are making necklaces of coloured pearls and Hugo is drilling holes in shells to thread on them as well.

Liddy is very much enjoying being the centre of attention and it is about jolly time that she is!
x N

Next we meet Gloria......


  1. I love Felicia! She is very special!
    These costumes are amazing Nicole - watch out, or you may start to be asked for commissions!

  2. What a fun project--I love that they are all going to be unique and use different materials. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  3. Thank you Justine,she is isn't she?
    As for commissions,if the school doesn't want them there will be a few mermaids looking for homes.

    Thanks Erin,it is a lot of fun!
    The sitting room is covered in sequins! I am trying to finish them before my lovely new patterns arrive!

    x N

  4. I bet these girls will feel special in these costumes, Nicole! What fun!

    I enjoyed reading that the children have a hand in the designing process, that's wonderful!


  5. It is so sweet (and indicative of your "leadership") that your kids participate in each other's projects. I would have been too busy arguing with my sisters to help them.

  6. Can't wait to meet Gloria and hear her story...

  7. I love Felicia. I was always the small kid in school, smaller than all the rest by a country mile. The best things come in small packages.

  8. You are a wonderful Mother and Lydia obviously takes after you...such a kind soul!

  9. Thank you Carol.
    I discuss ideas with my girls frequently,they have such good ideas and think of things I wouldn't have come up with in an age!

    The same here Camille,my siblings and I were like cats in a bag!
    I think many hours of board games encourage them to get along,Jed and I won't let them stop playing until they are playing nicely. That may sound odd but because they have to make an effort to be nice they end up getting into the game and keep playing!
    Thank you!

    Gloria is almost finished Cindy,a few sequins and her hair to be styled.

    Thank you Jen,I wanted her to have a costume that actually fit her,not dragged on the ground!

    x N

  10. That is such a nice thing to say Mille,Thank you!

    Liddy is a sweetheart and so easy after the Twins.....we have to be careful not to neglect her.
    She told me her favourite thing in the world is at bedtime when I put a sleeping Matilda in bed with her and she gets to cuddle her like a teddy.
    Someone needs more hugs I think...

  11. Felicia (and Lidia!) are absolutely enchanting! I look forward to seeing the other beautiful wermaids. (I love "family" words!)

  12. Its funny how those ''stick' isn't it Margaret?

    I finished 'Gloria' last night and Liddy is keen to model her!
    Thank you,Lidia is rather scrumptious!
    x N

  13. She really is such a sweetie!
    When my sister and her kids were staying, I put the twins on a double mattress on the floor, They normally sleep seperately. They were so excited, well B was! I told them not to muck about at bed time, and B said, "No Mummy, we'll just hug and hug!"