Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thai Traveller

The Melbourne Cup luncheon was approaching and I had nothing to wear.

While flicking through Zara's 'In Style' magazine I spotted this dress.
And fell in love.
Looking at the design I thought it bore a huge resemblance to the Lisette Traveller Dress and I had just won some vintage Thai silk on Ebay-but horizontal stripes? On my curves?

So,I asked the question in a few forums. Lots of positives from my sewing chums and the designer herself gave me the thumbs up!

I wanted the top to be fitted but still comfortable so I made a muslin.
This is bog easy to do and it gives you something sturdy to fiddle with.
As I have quite a tummy I left out the front waist darts and reshaped the side seams.
I left off the sleeves which caused me some confusion until I went back and read my blog post here to remind me how to sew a lined bodice.

The back piece required the most adjustment and here my darling Jed was worth his weight in gold.

Here you can see how much I had to cut from the back.
The result was a size 14 bodice with a size 8 collar after adjustment. It really wasn't that hard to do but I definitely needed a second pair of hands!
Justine,why do you have to live interstate?

I decided to line the dress rather then rely on petticoats. I would have loved to line completely with silk taffeta but as I only had a scrap I used that for the bodice and fine cotton for the skirt.

As it was a special out fit I hand sewed the collar,front plackets and hems. It took hours!

I decided to hand sew large poppers to the inside of the placket and then I could place them exactly where I needed them!
The black satin buttons are just for decoration!

Finished at 1 am.

Lovely to wear but I am a little self conscious of my waist.
I would love a black linen version!

It was nice to sew something for me!


  1. Absolutely lovely. Stunning actually.
    The fabric is beautiful and the dress fits you perfectly. You did an outstanding job as usual. You will certainly be the belle of the luncheon!
    My SIL and her husband are in Australia right now on vacation and traveling to Melbourne as I write this and perhaps they are going to the Cup too!

  2. Nicole, you did a fantastic job. The stripes are great - what waist!!!! I would undo the top button and put a great chunky silver necklace, and have some flats and it is a great summer dress. Can you please make one in my size!!

  3. Beautiful! My goodness that silk looks just luscious. I agree - it fits you perfectly and you should just try to forget about your self-consciousness, because I think it's all in your head, and have FUN! Well done!

    Sorry, but what is a "popper"? Is that an Australian-ism?

    I am so impressed at all of the hand-sewing. I bet it took forever!

  4. Your dress (and you!) are fabulous as always, dear.:)

  5. Back again .... you need to wear a Fascinator with that dress.

  6. It's a really stunning dress, Nicole - and you shouldn't feel self-conscious about your tummy! Imlike Jen's suggestion of undoing the top button.

    And believe me, I so wish we lived close!!!

  7. Thank you Deb,I did need a fascinator in my hair but I was really pushing it to get this finished. No time to make a head piece!
    The muslin was worth the effort as I am nowhere near a standard size,I used to be very small but I carry a lot of extra ''thickening'' now.

    I do hope your SIL went to a Cup luncheon,they are such fun!
    Thank you again for your lovely compliments!

    I love that idea Jen,I was hoping to dress it down to get as much wear as I can from it. A looser neckline,jewellery and flats sounds great!(and I am flattered that you would want to wear something made by me)!

    A popper is a sew in press stud,Inder. I use them a lot when I don't want to do button holes.
    Thank you,I guess we all have bits we don't like and my tummy is yuck since my last baby. The silk is gorgeous to wear and I was lovely and cool due to the natural fibres,I dislike lining with synthetics.
    (and I did have fun,I left Tildy with her daddy which I rarely do)!

    Oh,Thank you Cindy,you are such a sweetheart!

    Thank you Justine.
    Jed was also wishing you lived closer!!!!!!

    x N

  8. Nicole: This dress is FABULOUS! I cannot get over how much it looks like the "original" and how great it looks on you.


  9. Oh,Thank you Erin!
    How seriously kind of you....and I had to do something while waiting for my new patterns....(he he)!