Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Weekend Away

''Beach'' trees

You know your brother loves you,

When he goes down the slippery dip first,

And dries it with his jeans.

Fabulous shoes

Fine cuisine 

Local politics 

The norm when we purchased our cottage

What the cottages look like 10 year on.

x N


  1. Some really beautiful photos. Looks like a great weekend!

  2. beautiful, beautiful photos. what a wonderful getaway.

  3. Thank you Girls,I love our little getaways!

  4. He dried the slide with his jeans! That is a loving brother!! (And the two kiddos in the tub just cracks me up. What fun! Your children are just lovely.)

  5. He did Inder AND put up with his sisters cracking ''Hugo wet his pants'' jokes!
    The Boatswains Bath,the twins squeeze in there too!
    Thanks,they are a pretty good bunch!(most of the time)

    Thanks Cindy,we don't get there enough!
    x N