Friday, November 11, 2011

Baby,Your'e a Star(ling)

I have made my admiration for Clever Charlotte patterns quite clear.
So far I have made the four original patterns.

The Wren .

The Starling.

The Sandpiper

And of course the fabulous Finch.

I am partaking in a creating swop with a particularly sophisticated sewing friend.
The Starling in an Australian milled merino wool was my choice but I felt it could do with lining.
After a little think,I came up with two options and as I love the pattern so much I decided to try both methods and make one for my Tildy-Girl.

So,Lining Method One.
I have already blogged the construction.
This will simply be the lining.

Construct the dress up to the step on inserting the zipper.
Cut out a sew a second dress except for the yoke.

Before sewing the side seams of the lining trim 1/2 inch of the sleeve hem.

Sew up the centre back seam of the lining to the notched mark for the zipper ending line.
Tip. It helps if you do this after inserting the zip then you can accurately measure and stitch this seam so that it will cover the zipper end nicely.

Press the seam open taking care to press well above the stitching as well.

Place the two dresses wrong sides together and pin the yoke seams together from the lining side.

Continue pinning.

Once it is nice and even lower the yoke facing and pin that over the yoke seam.

Continue pinning.

Until it is quite firmly in place.

Topstitch the yoke from the right side. Take your time,stop and remove pins if you need to,stop and lift the foot with the needle down if you find little tucks forming.

After sewing the yoke hand sew the lining to the zipper.

Not too shabby!

On to the sleeves....

I like to pre-fold my sleeve hems.
Unfold the hem and smooth the lining to meet it. The lining hem should be a little shorter as you have trimmed it previously.

Tuck the lining under the first fold.

Fold it again.

Pin in place.

Stitch the sleeve hem.
Tip.I find it easier to sew on the inside.

To stop the lining from shifting stitch a long stitch at the sides and centre front and back.

The lined dress.

The back view.

Is it not fabulous?

In Tula Pinks Hushabye sent to Matilda by a special friend.

Love love LOVE this flounce!

Unfortunately Matilda Jane is going to need to grow.

But isn't it cute?
And grow she will!

Next up Method Two.

x N


  1. Yes indeed, Nicole - it is fabulous and she is super-cute! The flounce is especially lovely with her curls.

  2. But of course, the dress is fabulous and Tildy is super cute! The flounce is a nice detail to up the cuteness.:)

  3. Thank you Catherine,I am absurdly in love with this flounce! I could just imagine Miss Lemon from Poirot wearing something very similar.

    I love it that it is girly without being fussy Cindy,Thank you!

    x N

  4. I have always been scared to line anything that has a zipper--but you make it look so easy! Like the way you do the lined sleeve edge as well.

  5. Thank you Erin!
    If you like this method you will love the version I finished today-much cleaner!
    I cannot wait to share!

    x N