Saturday, November 12, 2011


I am such a child  I have to share
Shhhh,keep a secret!

Lining the Starling dress
Method 2

Attach the yoke lining to the dress lining rather then the dress itself.
Follow the pattern exactly as you would for the dress.

As before,trim 1/2 inch from the sleeve hem.

Insert the zipper and sew the side seams.
(I blogged the construction of this dress here)

Place the dresses right sides together and pin at the neckline.

When pinning,unfold the yoke lining and move the dress yoke in from the fold 1/8 inch.
The oliver+s School Photo dress explains this step beautifully.

After stitching the neck seam wrap the yoke lining around the dress yoke and pin in place.

Sew and trim the seam clipping the curves carefully.

It should look like this!

Pull the dress lining through and carefully press the seam allowances to the yoke lining.

C A R E F U L L Y sew the seam allowance to the yoke lining. This will stop the neckline rolling and give a clean finish.

Pin the lining to the dress and hand sew in place.
Sew a long stitch at the hem side seams and centre back to hold the lining in place.

Hugo's Tip-Cut the flounce pattern piece from an ice cream container lid. It makes tracing so much easier!

So Listeners.....would you like to see it?
Can you keep a secret?
Oh good,because I really want to show you!

Much cleaner than method one.

But still very sturdy. This is machine washable super wool!

I am so pleased.

I love the simple lines.

Australian Merino wool trimmed with Liberty in an Australian wild flowers print(if you know the name,please let me know).

From country SA to city LA.

Fingers crossed she likes it!

x N


  1. Thank you Cindy!
    I am a little nervous but I think it works!
    xxxxx N

  2. This one is my favorite of all the Starling dresses I've seen!

  3. Thank you Sarah,I thought you may have liked the classic wool. It echoes the elegance of all your sewing.
    x N

  4. I can hardly wait to see this on Miss M!! That wool is scrumptious, and the Liberty--always fabulous! Well Done!

  5. I'm afraid photos were not possible Margaret as it dragged on the ground on her being a size 3.
    I am so pleased you liked it though and it is wrapped and waiting to be posted off to its intended recipient.
    Thank you!
    x N

  6. Thank you Sarah!
    I hope my dear friend like's it!

    x N

  7. Ooh, I love it! The velvet buttons, the checked wool and the gorgeous floral! It's a beautiful combination and the pattern is perfect!

  8. Whoever she is, she'd be crazy not to love this! It's classy and understated and feminine - what's not to love?

  9. Thank you Brittany.
    I wanted it to be uniquely Australian without being a cliche. I love the pattern!

    Thanks Inder,she has seen my blog now and says she is very happy-hooray!
    By now it should be on its way,it will take a good 2 weeks to get there!

    x N