Thursday, June 25, 2020

Deer and Doe Plantain Tee for Lidia (and Me)!

My goto women's tee pattern in the Deer and Doe Plantain
It is an easy to wear, midriff skimming style, that is lovely to wear untucked.
The fact that it is a free pattern is the cherry on top!
It has a lovely scooped neck that shows off the clavicles but only hints at cleavage.
There are three sleeve length options, the long sleeves shown here.
Look at that lovely shaping!
I made Lidia two.
One in a cotton/poly/lycra knit and one in a wool/jersey, both are grey and black stripe and the fabric was from Destashmass on eBay.
For my girls, I find sewing the size relevant to the bust measurement gives the best fit.
From the Deer and Doe website
For me, it depends on my fabric choice.
Very stretchy knit, my bust size.
Slightly firmer knit, one size up. Ironically, this adjustment is for the bicep fit. I have a 'shoulder' (bursitis) and when it has a flare up I cannot abide pressure on my upper arm.
Getting old sucks.
This lovely stretchy cotton/lycra from Massdestash causes me no grief.
I added a cuff due to fabric shortages but I really like them.
It means I can push them up when working without stretching out the cuff.
~Lidia's Verdict~
These tops are super comfortable. I got quite lucky and instead of just getting one I got three in different styles (I made Tilly a Field Trip the that grew, to be blogged NMK). They are nice and comfortable but still quite a bit warmer then expected. Because they are in different styles I can interchange them depending on the rest of the outfit. I also really like that I can wear it throughout nearly the whole year. The stripes are a great colour that work really well with most of my other clothes. I was very lucky to get the extra one thanks to the extra stretchy fabric. 
Thank you Mumma x
~My Verdict~
I love my Plantain tees and they are my Winter goto pattern.
I do find if I use a wool knit I need to raise the neckline or the girls are on display.
I LOVE the vinyl elbow patches (Lidia didn't want them) and find that a fun way to 'dress up' my look.
They are supremely comfortable and once they are too worn for 'nice' they become sleep shirts.

Thank you for reading .....
                                           xx Nicole 


  1. How long a length of fabric do you buy? That is an impressive number of garments even with your amazing cutting skills.

    Having seen all the stripey tops & leggings, I have an incredible desire to see each of them in use by everyone - all in the one shot... This would never happen if I suggested it to my family. The silence that would ensue (after the protests) might well be worth it.

    1. I think there may have been just under 3 metres in each? One piece had a uneven edge that the lovely seller threw in.
      It takes a little longer to cut out but I enjoy the challenge.

      Its just the girls and me, I am sure we could get a photo.
      Thank you! xx N

  2. Great sewing and so efficient in cutting out economically too.

    1. I do find by 'ninjacutting' i.e. cutting out several items at once, you do make the most of a cut of fabric.
      As much of my stash is given to me, from 0p-Shops or purchased, second hand, from eBay, I rarely have control of the meterage and need to Tim Gunn it (make it work).
      This is a very nice tee, I do recommend it.
      Thank you Margaret. xx Nicole