Saturday, June 27, 2020

OOP Butterick 3217 Shirt for Jed

I made Jed another Liberty shirt.
But I am not so sure about this pattern any more...
I have made Jed three of these and originally was very happy with the fit.
The oversize boxy fit gave him tummy room without being huge in the shoulders.
The style worked well in lawn as it has good ease.
But the last one I made is just not right.
The collar is lovely, the sleeves are good but the tummy is just not covering anymore.
I think my pattern shrunk ;)
The shirt has rounded sides and I have noticed his tummy shows when he puts his arms up.
So I think it may be time to look for a new pattern!
I picked up Kwiksew 3883 during the last Spotlight sale, so I will try that in a inexpensive gingham.
If that doesn't suit I may try the Vado custom fit.
~My Verdict~
I was so disappointed with this shirt. Jed doesn't have many things sewn for him and I want him to feel smart, confident and comfortable when we go out.
There is no fault with the pattern, it just doesn't suit us anymore.
~Jed's Verdict~
I should try it on again now that I have lost 10 kilos (CSIRO program).
It's a nice shirt, the fabric is comfy made by a professional, sexy seamstress (ba ha ha NMK)

Thank you for reading 
                                     xx Nicole 


  1. Try Thread Theory. Their shirt pattern comes in a standard as well as more rounded fit. I make the standard for my husband but the rounded fit has the front pieces drafted differently from memory.

    Andrea Fabric epiphanies

    1. Andrea, thank you!
      Another lovely blog reader recommended that pattern too and I think I have it in Dropbox, time to print it out.
      Jed wears work clothes or coveralls most of the time so I want his 'good' things to be nice!
      xx N

  2. Hope you find a suitable pattern. The fabrics you choose for Jed's shirts are great. Or does he choose them?

    1. I have had received some excellent suggestion Margaret.
      Jed could do with a few new works shirts so I might make some wearable muslins and see how we go.
      Jed chooses his own fabric, usually, I will make a suggestion sometimes but he has the casting vote.
      I think he carries a floral well!
      xx Nicole

  3. Thread Theory patterns are on sale right now if you are interested.

    1. Thank you!
      I will pop over and see what I don't have,
      xx Nicole