Thursday, June 4, 2020

OOP Style 3253 Jumper for Elsa and Kwiksew 1235 Jumper for Beatrix

Elsa asked me to sew her a jumper.
Now Elsa is fussy, very, very fussy. 
I have learnt the hard way not to sew up anything without double checking fit and style.

Lidia volunteered to be a guinea pig.
I found Style 3254 in my stash and thought it would work.
First I made her the aqua one and after Elsa tried it she requested shorter arm, firmer neck band and firmer hip band.
Then I sewed the lilac one, with those modifications.
Elsa tried it and loved it and Zara decided she rather fancied lilac and would like it.
The fabric was a remnant from the Bullrush factory I purchased back when the twins were babies.
It is a cotton, unbrushed fleece in the prettiest shade of pink.
I promised Matilda I would make her a matching jumper but when I went to cut it there was a large flaw done the middle and I couldn't make it work.
Trixie lucked out again.
The stencilling is very straight forward, pre-cut letters with a fabric paint.
The stuff I use is years old but I have found simliar at Spotlight.
We all need a bit of that.
I topstitched all the seams for a RTW look.
I crazy balls love this jumper pattern.
It now lives in my cutting trolley which is prime real estate.
I didn't shorten the length, like I did last sew , before adding the band, so it is tunic length.
The extra length is nice over leggings.
Those shoulder ruffles......
~Elsa's Verdict~
The jumper is warm and comfortable, matches the inspiration picture near perfectly. I’m someone who gets cold easily and loves my jumpers and loungewear. This means I have a fair few jumpers, with the new ones being one of my favourites. The only way this jumper could be any better, is if it was made with fleece, making it fluffy and soft in the inside. Hint hint mum, would love one made of fleece. Thank you so much for my jumper Mummy xxx
~Trixie's Verdict~
I like it because is is pink and it has frills.
It is the same as Elsa, I like the rainbow writing.
It is soft, it is pink.
That's all I have to say.
~My Verdict~
Aww, my babies!
Now that I have tweaked the Style pattern I have a goto sweater for my big girls.
This is very important with the twins not really being available for fittings.
I will admit to not being the greatest fan of knit sewing but I am getting better at it and enjoying it a bit.
I find if I treat it (knits) like a woven, take care pressing and with my finishes, I get more from the project.
The Kwiksew pattern has won my heart, it is just delightful and I thoroughly recommend tracking to down.
As per usual, I bind the back neck edge with narrow cotton webbing for stability and neatness.

Thank you for reading.... xx Nicole 


  1. Wow, your sewing machines have been very busy!
    These tops are so lovely and the customised lettering is a great touch. I love the old Style patterns. They were my favourite ones to sew. My sister and I had some of the big pattern books to play with. We spent hours carefully cutting out all of the outfits and making paper dolls! So good to see cool new outfits re-emerging from the 70's and 80's patterns 🌈

    1. Oh my goodness, I used to do that!
      I would glue the pages to cornflake boxes to make them stiff and then cut them out!
      Especially the brides....
      How lovely.

      Thank you, I do like Style pattern, they have a nice shape.

      Sat well Karen and thank you for commenting.
      xx Nicole

  2. I like these! They look so professional No wonder your children adore your sewing:)

    1. Thank you Margaret, that is such a nice thing to say, its nice when I get it right.
      xx Nicole