Monday, June 1, 2020

Simplicity 9534 Pinafore (Jumper) for Matilda

It all started when Elsa asked me to make her a bottle green, corduroy, pinafore.
Image from Pinterest
Like this one!
I had a look in my stash and I found a skerrick of cord but not enough for Elsa....

Tildy spotted it and declared she would like one as well!
Lidia loves her black pinafore (Simplicity 9534 to be blogged) so I thought I would see if I could track down the smaller size.
I found two copies, one OS (overseas) that would cost me (all up) $24 and another copy in Australia. So I bid $25 and let it run its course.
I bet that seller couldn't believe it, all her other patterns when for $1 or $2 or not at all and someone pushed me up to $21!

I will admit I have never paid that much for a second hand pattern and the condition was not great put the pinafore is gorgeous so I will not dwell on it.
The pattern is basic.
One piece front and back with facings.
Two pocket options but that is it.
But it is really well cut.
It has a side zipper but not a fly guard so I used a regular dress zipper which seems to be holding up well.
I would usually use a metal teeth, sturdier zip in a heavier woven sew but you do need a barrier from that. It can scratch against bare skin.
I added extra length to the straps as I wanted to use dungaree buckles but it was not necessary, the straps were already good and long.
I think the dungaree buckets give a RTW finish and a little extra polish.
See what I mead by well drafted?
The back is nice and high (extra warmth) but nicely scooped so there is no pulling under the arms.
I made this outfit heading into ISO and Tildy wore it frequently.
She tended to wear it over leggings, then she could wear slippers in the house and pop on socks and boots when she headed outside.
I really like the 'inverted tulip' cut of the skirt.
Which gives it plenty of ease for activity.
~My Verdict~
Although it stung me to pay $20 for this pattern I think it is well worth it.
I sewed the size 10 for Tilly and she has growth room in it but with Trixie coming through, the other sizes will be utilised.

Pinafores come and go in fashion and this is such a basic, well drafted block, I am sure I will pull it out in the future.

It is also a extremely frugal cut with non-directional fabric as, flipped, front and back fit on the same width.

It wasn't a 'Two Hour Sew' but it certainly was pretty speedy. 

You could definitely add back pockets (there are other pocket pattern pieces supplied) and I think that would look awesome in denim.

A great pattern, if you find it in an OpShop, grab it!
If you have it in your stash, hang on to it!
~Matilda's Verdict~
I absolutely love the golden buckles. The green colour is really nice, I l love it.
It's just the right length, just where I like my dresses and skirts.
The little pocket at the front is adorable, I love it.
It works perfectly with nearly all my tops.
Thank you for the lovely photos Lidia.... and thank you for reading..... xx Nicole 


  1. oh wow this is wonderful my daughter wanted me to make one of these and I was just looking at patterns. Really love the green. Beautifully made as usually

    1. Are you in America? I found lots of them over there.
      Thank you, it is a great pattern with awesome shape, you can completely focus on styling rather than fitting.
      xx Nicole

    2. no country Victoria but i just found the size 12,14,16 one in our local op shop yeah

    3. Legend!
      If you want to borrow my smaller size, let me know!
      xx Nicole

  2. I love your dark green version of this pinafore. It looks so cool and as usual your eye for detail is wonderful. Better than anything RTW. Matilda is growing so tall. Her top is lovely too. ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š

    1. Thank you, how lovely of you!
      The top is vintage too, I am blogging that now.
      Thank you for commenting.
      xx Nicole

  3. Your investment in the pattern was well worth it. This looks so lovely and your daughter looks so happy.

    1. Thank you Margaret, I think it will pay for itself in the long run. There is Trixie, future grandchildren (I would think) and I plan to spend my retirement sewing up my stash to send overseas to orphanages.
      xx N