Friday, June 26, 2020

Thread Theory Strathcona Henley for Hugo

It has been a while since I have sewn for Beamish.
Tilly asked me to make her some woollen tees (to be blogged) so I thought I would #ninjacut something for Hugo too.
Whenever I cut something out, I try to use up the piece of fabric I have. By laying multiple patterns at once you can often gain some wiggle room and waste less cloth.
I have made Hugo a few Strathcona's before.
As I had altered his pattern, all I had to do was check they still fit and then get sewing.
Sooo, my skills were not quite a good this time.
I got a short sleeve tee.... but only one sleeve!
I then remembered I had another piece of wool/jersey and although not a dead match the blues were pretty similar.
I was able to cut two long sleeved henleys and an extra short sleeve.
To try and make it look less 'patch-worky' I stencilled a 'E' in red on the offending sleeve and then worked red button holes and bartacks as well as stitching the rubber polo buttons with red.
I made the placket from denim/wool.
I finished the next band with white cotton webbing.
The long sleeved versions have velvet plackets.
I tried to make them a little different by flipping the fabric for the second one so one has a slightly 'fluffy' finish.
I used brass press studs on one....
And silver on the other!
I bound the neck edge with black cotton webbing,
This pattern is a little fabric hungry.
It has nice length and long sleeves with a deep cuff.
Now that we have sorted out the shoulder issue (for us) it is my go to for Hugo.
I should muslin it for Jed.
~My Verdict~
I adore Thread Theory, it always feels like 'proper' sewing.
This henley is no exception. 
Good instructions and good diagrams.
The pattern is printed with a whole front and back and I quite often fold mine in half and cut it on the fold.
(The whole pattern piece is jolly handy when cutting stripes though)

I prefer to sew my placket from a woven as I found the one time I used a stretch it got a wee bit bulky.
~Hugo's Verdict~
 I have a couple of Henley Tee shirts and have always wanted some more. They are so comfortable to wear and still look smart enough to wear as workplace attire. Made from the woollen fabric they are lovely and warm to wear during the colder winter months going in and out of buildings.

Very lucky to have them and get many compliments on them from my friends

Thank you for reading....
                                         xx Nicole 


  1. So pleased to see that you still see for Hugo:). You are kept busy with your girls' sewing and time only spreads so far doesn't it? Batch sewing like this seems a very efficient method and the results are wonderful. No wonder he gives a rave review.

    1. I don't sew for him as much now Margaret. He has moved in with his girlfriend and she likes to kit him out.

      I did offer him 5 pair of Jedediah trousers (cut but not sewn) in exchange for painting the orange passage but he has not taken me up on that, not yet...
      I suspect when he starts his residency there may be an SOS!
      ( I picked up two gorgeous bolts of wool trouser weight fabric from a closing down tailor in Chapel Street, I look forward to sewing with that)
      Thank you! xx Nicole